Life HacksTrader Life Hacks: Second Trading Screen via Upturned Plug

Trader Life Hacks #1: Second Trading Screen

Life Hack: A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

#1: Second Trading Screen

Let's be honest here, there are few things that get traders more excited than being able to add an additional screen to their trading desks. We've seen some examples of traders with upwards of 8 screens (got more? prove it - tweet us a pic @_TraderLife_)

So when you're out and about on those rare days away from your trusty trading hub, the undoubted first-world problem of only having your one-screen laptop to trade from can take some getting used to.

Thus our debut Trader Life Hack is here to offer a solution, via the medium of your smartphone and a household object that is usually the source of much domestic pain: the upturned plug.

Here the upturned plug is being expertly rebranded as a sturdy smartphone holder, with the phone placed in between the prongs suitably propping up the device so that it can display live charts alongside our laptop. And ta-da! You have a second trading screen. Check out ours in action above.

Proving once again that you can take the trader out of the trading room, but you can't take the trading room out of the trader.

Have you got a better Trader Life Hack? (let's be honest, this shouldn't be difficult to beat. It's an upturned plug holding a phone ffs), then get in touch with us @_TraderLife_ or email and we'll publish the best on the website!