Introducing: Bamboo Spark

If you're guilty of forever scribbling down life-changing ideas and endless lists of tasks you will never complete (because the list ends up in the bin, left on your desk or in one of those elusive "safe places"), then this could be just the thing.

The Wacom Bamboo Spark is a smart folio and smart pen that automatically digitises your handwritten notes - ideal for busy traders who don't have the time to sort through piles of old notes.

So if you're more likely to be found scribbling notes by hand than saving reminders on your digital devices, there's a way to bridge your old-school notes with the digital world. You can save your scribbles locally or within a cloud for easy access at a later date so you can find that genius idea at the click of a button, without spending half an hour rummaging through that paperwork mountain you've been meaning to tackle.

The Bamboo Spark isn't the first digital notebook to hit the market, but it does have one big advantage. Most smart notebooks require you to use a special pen and special paper, which means you'll have to keep restocking your supply of digitally-adapted paper. But the Bamboo Spark uses a folio in conjunction with the smart pen instead, meaning you can use whatever paper you like (or whatever scrap of paper you have to hand).

So now there's no excuse for those notes you keep scribbling throughout your trading sessions not to make it into your trading journal!

Interested? The Bamboo Spark is available now from here.