SorrentoAround the World in 80 Trades #1 Sorrento, Italy. Photo: Amund Hestsveen,

Around the World in 80 Trades: #1 Sorrento, Italy

Which came first, the pun or the feature idea? We'll let you stew over that because we're happy with both in a new feature that celebrates the strangest, quirkiest or most lavish place you’ve ever placed a trade!

Kicking us off is Forex trader Chris Johnston, whose recent trip to Sorrento didn't stop him from taking advantage of the EU's new data roaming charges the one way he knew best - checking the price of gold...


FX Trader Chris Johnston, trading from Sorrento, Italy.

I had been in Sorrento for a few days and I was killing time before heading to the airport. So I decided to grab a coffee on the seafront.


The beauty of modern technology is I can now use my mobile data abroad without any additional cost, so I decided to check how my trades were doing that I had placed over the past few days.


That morning my long Gold trade was working out well...Chris Johnston, FX trader

Where is the best, strangest or funniest place you've ever traded? Send us your entries to us on Twitter, Instagram or by email to feature in our Around the World in 80 Trades series!