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10 Ways to Take a Break From Trading

As all traders will know, trading can sometimes feel like it's taking over your life. But as the best traders will attest, overworking and getting burned out will not help your performance. In fact, it's more likely impact it negatively.

So heed this warning and ensure you make time for a break from the charts. After all, that's what TraderLife is all about, right? So to help, we've put together our top 10 ways to take a break from trading, inspired by some of the articles and features we've published on the site...

1. Do Some Exercise

Spending all day sitting at your desk and staring at charts may seem like the life at times (especially if you’re in profit for the month, of course) but in truth, a trader’s sedentary working life is not good news for your health. Which is why we introduced our Trader Workouts, to ensure that even during your busiest days in the markets you should still have the ten minutes required to give your body a much needed workout. Callum Osborne is the Personal Trainer in charge of putting together our workouts, such as this one - the Office Plank Challenge:

Trader Workout: Office Plank Challenge

2. Read a Book

If you need some time away from your trading screens but want to keep your mind on the topic at hand, then indulging in some of the best trading books should be your next port of call. Our Trader Book Club lists and reviews such gripping yarns from trading history, such as this feature on the 8 books every self-respecting trader really should have read.

8 Trading Books Every Trader Should Have Read

3. Get Inspired

As above, if it's some time away from the markets you need while still keeping your eye on the prize, then get inspired by the feats and achievements of some of trading's most influential figures with our Trading Legend series, which profiles the great and good from trading and finance, such as this feature on the Daddy of them all, Warren Buffett...

Trading Legends: Warren Buffett

4. Replenish Your Wardrobe

Traders have long been renowned for being among the sharpest dressed in the City, and even if you trade from home there's no reason for that to change. Particularly when recent research suggests that dressing well can actually have an impact on performance, as argued by the personal style pros at Dappad, who put together this guide for dressing to success on the trading floor.

5 Steps for Dressing to Success on the Trading Floor

5. Watch a Movie

Some of the greatest financial movies put to film have centered around the exciting (and, let's be honest, at times nefarious) actions of traders, and whether it's documentaries you prefer (Top Trading Documentaries to Watch from Your Desk), the best in boxset TV (20 Most Quotable Lines from Sky Atlantic’s Brilliant Billions), or the big screen - see below - then we've got you covered.

7 Brilliant Trading Films You May Not Have Seen

6. Plan Your Next Holiday

If you're looking for a proper break away from the trading floor, then look no further than our feature on the 7 Holiday Ideas for Your Next Trading Break, including city breaks, beach escapes and everything else inbetween.

7 Holiday Ideas for Your Next Trading Break

7. Relax

Modern day traders are much less cynical about mindfulness and wellbeing than they used to be, particularly when it comes to the importance of psychology in trading. So while the concept of trying some yoga may have been laughed out of the room a decade ago, that's not the case now. Hear from a bona fide yogi on the benefits of giving it a go in our Yogi’s Introduction to Mindfulness.

A Yogi's Introduction to Mindfulness

8. Hit the Course

Playing any physical sport often helps provide a cathartic release while refocusing the mind, but if 5-a-side football, tennis or squash is a little too intense for some, few sports can provide a welcome distraction like 18 holes of golf. To get you in the mood, here's our guide to the world's best golf courses.

TraderLife Guide To: World's Best Golf Courses

9. Admire the latest wheels

Sometimes traders need targets and incentives to do their best trading. Well, what more incentive than the desire for a new motor - which you'll certainly be yearning for if you check out these 5 forgotten supercars of yore, or for something more modern (and attainable), these 5 Cars You Need To Know About Right Now

5 Cars You Need To Know About Right Now

10. Tuck in

This may seem somewhat against the healthy benefits of exercise we were espousing in our first tip at the top of the article, but hell, everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while. And if you still want healthy, then we've still got these healthy ten-minute recipes from our PT Callum.

If you're less concerned about the calories, then we've also got some great tips for eating out with these 5 Must-Visit Street Food Joints in London’s Trading Hubs, while you'll find something boozier in our list of Britain’s Best Bottomless Brunches. Of course, if it's a good week's trading you want to celebrate on a Friday, it would be rude not to enjoy a dram or two...

World Whisky Day: Best Whiskies of 2017

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