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Trader Digest: Lessons from 1918 & Tricks To Keep Going

In this week’s Trader Digest we bring you lessons to learn from the Spanish Flu, as well as a couple helpful pieces on how to look after your vehicle while it's sitting idle and how to manage a business without a headquarters...


Europe’s Slowing Virus Deaths Bolster Leaders on Lockdowns 
'Europe’s four worst-hit countries reported declines in the pace of coronavirus deaths, and an Italian health official said his country’s outbreak may be cresting.' BLOOMBERG

JPMorgan Says Slowing U.S. Virus Cases to Put Floor Under Stocks
'A slowdown in the growth rate of new U.S. coronavirus cases may help put a floor under stocks and dampen volatility, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.' BLOOMBERG

Last month Bill Ackman said ‘hell was coming.’ Now he’s ‘optimistic.’
'The hedge-fund manager who may have made the best bet on coronavirus is turning optimistic.' MARKET WATCH

5 things you should do to take care of your vehicle while it’s sitting idle
'You may not be driving your vehicle due to shelter-in-place instituted during the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore car maintenance.' MARKET WATCH

How to manage a business without a headquarters
'Pandemic lessons for all companies from startups born office-less.' THE ECONOMIST


Lessons from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic
Science writer and journalist Laura Spinney discusses the outbreak of Spanish flu, one of the worst virus outbreak of modern times, which is believed to have killed up to 100 million people. She believes there are lessons to be learned from that pandemic. THE GUARDIAN

#56 - Isolation Vents, Exciting Mortgage Emails and John Deacon Masks
Broadcasting from their respective homes, Elis and John use a couple of USB mics, a serviceable internet connection and some top quality video conferencing software to bring you more much-needed laughs. BBC


Health Myths You Should Ignore
Reality Check's Chris Morris busts some of the Covid-19 health myths being shared online. BBC iPlayer