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Trader Digest: Pricing Up The Suez Canal Blockage

This week in Trader Digest we're pricing up the cost of the blocking of the Suez canal after a long six days, there's a story about Donald Trump being the ultimate wedding crasher at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and the Mayor of London examines the legalisation of cannabis...


The Suez Crisis Is Over. Now Time to Add Up the Damages
'The Suez Canal may be open again, but the battle over damages from the waterway’s longest closure in almost half a century is just beginning.' BLOOMBERG

Brexit Museum Moves a Step Closer to Reality
‘A museum dedicated to the UK's exit from the European Union has taken another step towards becoming reality after the body behind the plans was given charitable status.’ TELEGRAPH

Trump Asks Wedding Party: 'Do You Miss Me Yet?'
‘Donald Trump turned up at a wedding at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida over the weekend and railed against Joe Biden, China and Iran.’ BBC

Suez Could Benefit From the Hedge Fund Tug Boats
‘It’s nearly seven months into the attempted hostile takeover of Suez SA, the French water group whose history dates back to the construction of the Suez Canal, and the potential deal is still stuck.’ BLOOMBERG

One of World’s Greatest Hidden Fortunes Is Wiped Out in Days
'From his perch high above Midtown Manhattan, just across from Carnegie Hall, Bill Hwang was quietly building one of the world’s greatest fortunes.' BLOOMBERG

Mayor of London to Examine Benefits of Cannabis Legalisation
'Sadiq Khan says he will set up an independent drugs commission in the capital if re-elected' THE GUARDIAN


Janet Yellen Proposes Global Corporate Minimum Tax, the Taiwanese Company at the Heart of the Global Economy
'Janet Yellen calls on other countries to join the US in setting a corporate global minimum tax' FINANCIAL TIMES

Why the Government’s Race Report Sparked a Furious Backlash
'Last summer the death of George Floyd sparked a wave of protests across the US that quickly spread to the UK over policing, racism and inequality.' GUARDIAN


Trial by Fire
'A woman who develops a close relationship with a death row inmate sets out to prove the man was wrongfully convicted of killing his children in a fire.' NETFLIX

'From the producer of Get Out and Us, Janelle Monae stars as a successful black author, flung into a horrifying mystery.' SKY

Steer Through the Suez CNN
'Navigating the Suez Canal is a high-stress, complicated feat that requires master piloting skills. To demonstrate, we worked with Master Mariner Andy Winbow and Captain Yash Gupta to produce this simulated passage.'