Caring companiesThe Philanthropic 30

Meet the 30 Most Caring Companies in Britain

Just when you think awards season is over for another year, up pops a new gong that champions companies that consider more than just turning a profit.

The Philanthropic 30 has been launched by Real Business, claiming to highlight Britain’s most caring companies. And while it’s now fairly common to see large corporates boasting of their corporate social responsiblity, the Real Business awards instead focus on the country’s SMEs, where revenues aren’t always as bountiful and therefore charitable efforts are more commendable.

Rather aptly for such an award, there was no outright winner, rather all 30 were ranked as equals and only listed in alphabetical order. Among those to make the list included the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, the football’s club’s charitable arm that has generated nearly three million opportunities in employement, education and the community.

Playmob is a game publishing company that develops games linked to real-world problems such as endangered species, poverty, deforestation and cyber bullying. Pukka Herbs is not only the fastest-growing tea company in the UK, but the Bristol-based company is also part of 1% for the Planet, commiting to donating 1% of its turnover to the environment - resulting in a £400k donation in 2016.

A bit closer to home, Greg Secker's Learn to Trade made the list following their initiative of providing three paid days of volunteering leave, with staff able to choose which charities they support. They also support home building projects in areas of the Philippines destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

See the full list of 30 here