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Trader Digest: Road to Recovery or Last Dance?

This week in our Trader Digest we’ve looked to Paul Tudor Jones for insight and Michael Jordan for inspiration as we consider what the future of trading looks like ahead of the long road to economic and social recovery during the age of COVID-19...


Tips on Being a Successful Trader
‘Bitcoin, an unknown variable in the trading world, shook the trading industry when it first surfaced in 2009. All the traders and investors became interested in its high volatility nature.’ BUSINESS MATTERS

Don’t Look to Stock Market to Tell You When Virus Crisis is Over
‘Take a gander at a chart of the S&P 500 Index and it sure looks like traders expect the coronavirus crisis to end quickly and the economy to roar back.’ BLOOMBERG

Traders are Baffled Why the Futures Market is Pricing in Negative Rates
‘The futures market is again pricing in the possibility of the US joining Europe and Japan with negative rates, catching money managers, traders and analysts off guard.’ ECONOMIC TIMES

Paul Tudor Jones is One of the Great Macro Traders of All Time but he’s ‘a Slave to the Tape’
‘Paul Tudor Jones is one of the great investors of all time and he's renowned for macro calls. His latest market outlook highlights the coming waves of direct debt monetization that will reshape the economies and financial markets of the world.’ FOREX LIVE

More Slog Than Snapback is Outlook for Europe’s Virus Recovery
‘That bleak outlook was underscored by the European Commission’s May 6 forecast for an unprecedented 7.4% economic contraction in the European Union this year, the worst slump in its history. Even that dire prediction assumes lockdowns across the continent will gradually ease with the virus under control.’ BLOOMBERG

Top Chefs in London and New York Plot Post-Lockdown Revivals
'As businesses big and small gingerly prepare for reopening in the Covid-19 era, few are as anxious as restaurants—especially those with reputations, critical laurels, and culinary ambitions.' BLOOMBERG

So You Think You’ve Got Problems?
‘Everything is at stake in this compendium of more than 150 ingenious puzzles, selected to reveal the wonderful diversity of brainteasers that have confounded and intrigued solvers for the last thousand years.’ THE GUARDIAN BOOKSHOP


Is Coronavirus Being used to Turn India into Surveillance State?
‘South Asia correspondent Hannah Ellis-Petersen reports on the implications of people downloading an app designed to help control the spread of Covid-19 in a country where civil liberties were already being eroded.’ THE GUARDIAN


The Last Dance
'This docuseries gives a definitive account of Michael Jordan’s career and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, packed with unaired footage from the 1997-98 season.' NETFLIX