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Trader Digest: The Economic Impact of Covid-19 (So Far)

This week’s Trader Digest brings us a guide to the economic impact of the coronavirus so far, a trading expert predicting the time to sell stocks, and a piece on the historic trading action in oil...


A Trader’s Guide to Quantitative Trading
‘Interested in quantitative trading? Discover everything you need to know, including what it is, how it works and what quant traders do. Plus, a few quantitative strategies to get started with.’- IG

Where Next As Oil Closes Below Zero For First Time In Trading History
‘Oil futures crashed below zero for the first time in history as traders facing demand declines caused by the Covid-19 or coronavirus outbreak scrambled to dump the West Texas Intermediate May contract that was set to expire on Tuesday (April 21).’- FORBES

The Historic Trading Action In Oil, Explained
‘WTI crude oil prices fell more than 100% to negative $40.32 per barrel on Monday, dropping into negative territory for the first time in history on concerns the U.S. may be running out of storage capacity in the near-term.’- BEZINGA

Expert Who Called the 2008 Crisis Says the Signal to Sell Stocks is Coming Soon
‘It is the start of a bumper week of U.S. corporate earnings and one that will tell us more about the devastating impact of coronavirus on the economy.’- MARKET WATCH

The Benefits of a Narrow Trading Range
'One major shift in the market this week is narrower trading ranges. Volatility was slowed substantially and stocks are not all moving in tandem.'- THE STREET

Bitfinex’s New Social Network Seeks to Give Traders an Edge
'On the exchange's social network, called Bitfinex Pulse, customers can immerse themselves in the energetic world of trading, collaborating on concepts, and other market related activities, said a statement provided to Cointelegraph.' – COINTELEGRAPH

Coronavirus: A Visual Guide to the Economic Impact
'The coronavirus outbreak, which was first detected in China, has infected people in 185 countries. Its spread has left businesses around the world counting the costs. Here is a selection of maps and charts to help you understand the economic impact of the virus so far.' – BBC NEWS


Surviving ICU: a story of recovery from Covid-19
‘Dave Lewins is a healthy, 60-year old helicopter pilot, who in March found himself in intensive care with Covid-19. He describes the experience and how it has changed his life’ THE GUARDIAN


‘Atmospheric mystery drama series. Sergei is recruited to the enigmatic development section of quantum computing firm Amaya but fails to come home, alarming girlfriend Lily.’ BBC IPLAYER