lifestyle manager6 Reasons Why Every Trader Should Have a Lifestyle Manager. Photo: Kait Loggins (Unsplash)

6 Reasons Why Every Trader Should Have a Lifestyle Manager

Being a trader means you probably spend a fair amount of your day glued to two, four, six screens or more. Early starts and late finishes, hours spent monitoring the markets and analysing charts every waking breath mean you want to make the most of any rare time away from the desk.

So getting home to more screen time in the form of personal admin, running errands or slumped in front of the TV, all because you haven't planned anything to do in your downtime, isn't exactly living the dream.

Whether you’d like to spend more quality time with loved ones, pursue a passion for cliff diving, fast cars and travel, or could just use some recommendations for events or places you’d enjoy, that’s where a lifestyle manager comes in. A lifestyle manager understands your desires and can help you to achieve your goals – both in work and outside it.

Here, courtesy of Buy Time, are six reasons why every trader should consider making a lifestyle manager the next number they call...

1. You can free up your time for only what you want to do

Not only can they connect you with the life you want to lead, but a good lifestyle manager will also help to free up the time you need to live it the way you want. What used to be a perk for celebrities and professional athletes alone now sees busy professionals and families hiring these savvy support services to help them through the day-to-day of their busy lives - essentially doing anything they can’t get around to, or just don’t want to do themselves.

2. It's available on Pay As You Go

Hiring a lifestyle manager needn't break the bank, especially when you're only charged for the time you require. Lifestyle managers Buy Time, founded by a former Goldman Sachs analyst, are a team of 25+ savvy and experienced lifestyle managers who provide invaluable "life support" to clients all across London and its home counties. Assigning each one of their clients a dedicated on-demand assistant, they work on an entirely Pay As You Go basis, with no contracts, membership fees or subscriptions involved - simply buy time as it’s needed.

3. They'll sort out the fun stuff

A lifestyle manager supports their clients to do a good job of the fun stuff - everything from gift buying and holiday itineraries, to managing a property renovation or planning for wedding an anniversary. With mountains of experience between them, there’s no risk management involved here - and no request is too large or too small. They can be as hands‑on as their clients want them to be.

4. And ensure you don’t sweat the small stuff

For those who are finding themselves spread too thin, a lifestyle manager can also get involved with sorting out tedious personal admin – from visiting home to open post and manage a household calendar, to filing the end-of-year accounts. If your house has an issue requiring swift resolution, they can arrange tradesmen and, often holding a spare set of keys, will be at home to deal with them when they get there. Wouldn’t it be great to know there was someone you could call upon to help you deal with any of life’s little downsides or emergencies?

5. It could help maintain your relationship. Or even start one!

While you may think your partner is content taking care of some of these areas for you, a lifestyle manager can help avoid any imminent volatility in your relationship. And if you don’t currently have a relationship, they may even set up an online dating profile for you!

6. Science backs it all up

The results are scientifically proven - using using money to free up your own time is linked to increased happiness. "In a series of surveys we find that people who spend money to buy themselves more free time are happier - that is they have higher life satisfaction," said Dr Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist professor at the University of British Columbia. Sounds like a good trade…

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