China-US Trade WarTrader Digest: A Blueprint for Trading the China-US Trade War. Photo: Photo by Manuel Joseph (Pexels).

Trader Digest: A Blueprint for Trading the China-US Trade War

In this week’s Trader Digest we find out how you should be trading the China-US trade stand-off, what is the "most crowded" trade currently, and how Japanese tech is aiming to prevent us all from staying too long at our desks...

Reading List

Here's a blueprint for investors trading the different China-US trade war outcomes
"Citigroup has a China trade deal strategy for all the possible outcomes from the trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing." CNBC

Why investors crave a return to the art of stock-picking
"For a long time 'growth' stocks have done better than 'value' - but that could be changing" FT

Emerging-market stocks are the ‘most crowded trade’ for first time on record
“A plurality of institutional investors gave bullish bets on emerging markets the dubious distinction of being the “most crowded trade” in global financial markets, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s February fund manager survey, released Tuesday."  Marketwatch

10 Top Trading Influencers To Follow on LinkedIn
"LinkedIn, as you probably already know, is a great place for traders to build a professional network. What you may not realise is that it is also an excellent source of trading information and resources from some of the top minds in finance." 

10 Top Trading Influencers To Follow on LinkedIn

What Is Insider Trading and Are You Accidentally Doing It?
"Insider trading is a serious crime that even most lawyers don't fully understand. Here's your start to figuring it out."  The Street

The Trader’s Lifestyle: 5 Things You Should Know
"Want to start trading? Many people do. For them, it’s a dream come true. You work for yourself, and using your own money. You trade what you want, and without anyone restricting you… Not to mention, it’s a wide world. And who knows, you can make it big someday! However… It isn’t an easy game..."  Thrive Global

Ex-Deutsche Bank trader walks free after making up tradingHE figures
"Former Sydney-based Deutsche Bank derivatives trader who inflated his profit-and-loss figures to mask trading losses has escaped jail time." Financial Review

Trading platforms dive as tougher rules kick in for Plus500
"The online trading platform Plus500 had about £600 million wiped off its value this morning after it surprised the market with a profit warning."  The Times

For the Headphones

How well do you know your economic history?
"1888, have the press check it out," President Donald Trump said at a rally Monday night, citing one of his favourite historical precedents for tariffs. Well, we did. " Marketplace

What to Watch

Japan turns to tech to cut long working hours
"Overwork is a longstanding problem in Japan and companies are turning to technology to find solutions." BBC

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