Valentines DayTraderLife Guide To: Valentine's Day Gifts. Photo: Aaron Burden (Unsplash)

TraderLife Guide To: Valentine's Day Gifts

It's Valentine's Day this week (and you now have no excuse for forgetting - sorry). Whether you like Valentine's Day or think it's the most cheesy, over-hyped, commercialised day on the calendar, it's coming up, so it's time to stop complaining and start getting onboard.

If you've yet to pick out the perfect gift for your better half (or even think about it), we've saved you time, effort and considerable stress by picking out the best Valentine's Day gifts for men and women.

We've covered all the basics (champagne - check! jewellery - check! chocolate - check!) and then come up with a few ideas that are a little out of the ordinary (and much more fun). So here goes...


Champagne is pretty much standard Valentine's Day fare - but these gift sets are an extra-special touch that show you didn't just dash to the off-licence in a panic when you left the office on Friday.

For her: What's better than champagne? Champagne and chocolate. If you're looking to impress the special lady in your life (and do all your shopping in one go - bonus), you can't do much better than this Laurent Perrier gift set. It has a 750cl bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose champagne (wine experts reckon it's one of the best Rose champagnes there is) and a large box of Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne truffles to go with it.

£64.75 from The Champagne Company. 

For him: This Louis Roederer gift set is perfect if you're having a night away this Valentine's Day. It comes in a gift box containing two branded champagne flutes (because drinking champs out of hotel tumblers isn't exactly the height of romance).

£64.99 from Virgin Wines. 


If you'd rather go for a Valentine's gift that your significant other can keep when the big day is over, jewellery is always a good call. These are our picks...

For her: This 9ct 'Infinity Necklace' necklace is pretty and unusual (and won't be mistaken for an engagement ring - save yourself the awkwardness and steer clear of rings, unless of course you are intending to get down on one knee). It comes in a gift box with a hand written message - we can't help you out with a thoughtful message though, you're on your own with that one.

£153.00 from Oh So Cherished.

For him: For a jewellery gift for men, you can't really go wrong with cufflinks - they'll always come in handy. This silver plated Mulberry pair are smart and classic enough to suit most styles. Plus, they're reversible, with a Mulberry logo on one side and the iconic Mulberry tree on the other - so it's like getting two pairs for the price of one.

£125 from John Lewis. 


Perfume and aftershave are more Valentine's Day staples - so see if your loved one's Christmas fragrance stash is holding up and if not, put fragrance at the top of your list of possible gifts.

For her: Look no further than Jo Malone Red Roses cologne. It was made for Valentine's Day - and if you don't believe us, we'll cite the perfume description to you:

The essence of modern romance. Inspired by a voluptuous blend of seven of the world's most exquisite roses. With crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon, it unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Clear and romantic.

Made for Valentine's Day. We told you.

£82.00 for 100ml from Jo Malone. (Matching bath oils, candles, body creme etc. available if you're looking for extra Brownie points). 

For him: Tom Ford fragrances are classics for men and women and the Noir Extreme is the latest fragrance in the Noir range, described as "amber-drenched, woody oriental fragrance with a tantalising and delectable heart."

£74.00 from 


Chocolate is a great gift for any occasion, with the added bonus that your other half will probably share it with you (everyone's a winner). We haven't split this section into his 'n' hers, because everyone likes chocolate, right?

This Valentine's Day Chocolate Selection by Hotel Chocolat is perfect - with champagne truffles, salted almond praline, caramels and more. It's a big 295g box so it's ideal for sharing (but we won't judge you if you buy it and keep them all for yourself).

£25.00 from Hotel Chocolat. 

Or go for brownies instead - the Sweet Reason Company will create a beautifully packaged bespoke box and personalised card with all your sweetheart's favourites - or go for the Brownie Bites and they'll get 18-20 brownies to try in a range of flavours including salted caramel, coconut, peanut butter and honeycomb.

From £20 from The Sweet Reason Company

Something Different

Okay, so we've been through the obligatory champagne, chocolate, jewels - but how about going for something a little less ordinary?

If you and your other half bond over your love for cars but your budget doesn't quite stretch to buying them a new set of wheels, let them go for a test drive with a Supercar Driving Experience for two. Choose from a Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ariel Atom or Porsche 997 Turbo - and the best part is, you'll get a turn as well!

£139 from Buyagift. 

If you really can't think of anything to buy your significant other, promise them your time instead. Make a set of 'I Promise' cards and pledge whatever you like - to do the ironing more, to make dinner once a week, to stop leaving wet towels on the bed, to spend less time glued to your phone checking the charts - or anything else you can think of.

£9.50 for 3 promises from 

Or just ditch Valentine's gift altogether and agree to book a trip away together instead. Check out our pick of the best destinations for 2018 for the best places to head, from beaches Down Under to long-haul adventures and stylish city breaks. And pick up one of these personalised travel maps - every time you've been somewhere, you can scratch it off the map together and plan where your next adventure will take you.

£14.99 from Getting Personal. 

What will you be getting the other half this Valentines Day? Let us know on Twitter @_TraderLife_.