Charity Events 2018Charity Events 2018. Photo: Markus Spiske (Unsplash)

2018 Charity Events to Get Involved In

Inspired to do something charitable and challenging in 2018? We've put together a list of the charity events you can sign up to this year.

And don't worry if you're not the sporty type, not everything involves getting your trainers on. Here’s our guide to Charity Events around the world for a number of fantastic causes. Run, swim, jump, play cards or donate - the choice is yours...

1. Triathlon England

The cause: You choose
What you can do: Swim, cycle and run
Where it is: All over England
When it is: Dates vary depending on your location

The lowdown: If you think you can do more than just run, get involved in a triathlon and swim, cycle and run to show your support to your chosen charity. Triathlon England have a range of events, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or aspiring Olympian. Still sound too much? You can also enter a team of three and split the sports between you.

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2. Aspire Channel Swim

The cause: Aspire: Supporting those with Spinal Cord Injuries
What you can do: Swim
Where it is: Your local pool
When it is: September - December

The lowdown: If you want something you can fit around your busy trading week, this might just be the thing. Aspire, a charity providing support to spinal cord injury patients, are challenging you to swim 22 miles in 12 weeks - the distance of the English Channel. You can do it whenever you like, wherever you like, so you can swim in your lunch hour or to unwind after a day of trading.

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3. Marie Curie Bridge Tournament

The cause: Marie Curie
What you can do: Play Bridge
Where is it: Throughout the UK
When it is: September - April

The lowdown: Marie Curie's bridge tournament has been running for over 20 years. Beginning in 1994 with just 10 groups, it’s since grown to 246 groups all over the country with 2,340 players. Entries can be made for the 2018/19 tournament from November 2017 onwards.

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bridge cards

Play Bridge for Marie Curie. Photo: Inês Ferreira (Unsplash)

4. The Race for Life

The cause: Cancer Research UK
What you can do: Run, walk, sponsor or volunteer
Where it is: 300 locations across the UK
When it is: Across 2018 (dates depend on your location)

The lowdown: Female traders only, please! This series of runs (everything from 5k to a full marathon) is the UK’s largest women-only charity event, and it’s all in aid of beating cancer. There are 300 different events to choose from so you’ve got no excuse not to get involved. The races are just for women but bring your hubbies, brothers and dads along - they can show their support by volunteering to help out on the day, or just cheer you on.

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5. Andalusian Cycling Adventure

The cause: b-eat: Beating Eating Disorders
What you can do: Cycle
Where it is: Spain
When it is: October

The lowdown: If you want to travel, cycle and experience some culture while fundraising for a great cause, sign up for Beat’s Andalusian cycle. You'll spend 6 days cycling through southern Spain, passing sunflower and orange plantations, olive groves, rolling fields, and historic cities. Passing through many of the famous White Towns of Andalusia, you'll tackle some tough climbs in the area’s many mountain ranges, all the while making money to help raise awareness of eating disorders, provide support to those affected, improve services and treatment and help more people to beat eating disorders.

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6. Walkie Talkie Tower Climb

The cause: Great Ormond Street Hospital
What you can do: Sprint to the top of London's famous building
Where it is: 20 Fenchurch Street ('Walkie Talkie' building)
When it is: March

The lowdown: Feel the burn as you sprint to the summit of one of London’s most recognisable landmarks, 20 Fenchurch Street, known by all as the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building. Ascend 36 floors and 828 steps to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, and be rewarded at the top with a glass of champers and a stunning view of London from the Sky Garden.

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7. Go Sober

The cause: Macmillan
What you can do: Stop drinking
Where it is: Everywhere you go!
When it is: October

The lowdown: Traders aren't exactly renowned for their sobriety, which could well make this challenge - for Macmillan Cancer Care - the most testing one listed on this page! The concept is simple; as soon as October arrives, you hide the wine, avoid the pub and leave the office early on Fridays to avoid being tempted by your peer-pressuring colleagues. Then 31 days later, you can celebrate your booze drought with a well-earned sup knowing you've raised money for a very worthy cause (not to mention given your liver a much-needed break!).

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8. London to Brighton Bike Ride

The cause: British Heart Foundation
What you can do: Cycle
Where it is: From London to Brighton
When it is: June

The lowdown: If you’re not quite up to Tour de France standard but are up for a cycling challenge, ride the 54 miles from London to the coast at Brighton. As the BHF say on their website, this event is for both the fast and the fall behinds, the experienced and the newbies. So whether you're more Bradley Walsh than Bradley Wiggins, all that matters is it's all in aid of keeping hearts healthy, and the cycling will certainly get yours racing.

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9. Tough Mudder

The cause: Help for Heroes
What you can do: Tackle a list of obstacles
Where it is: Several locations across Europe
When it is: Depends on your location

The lowdown: Fast becoming a favourite event of uber-competitive traders, Tough Mudder allows you to go up against obstacles like the Hero Wall, Hangin’ Tough, the Boa Constrictor, Trench Warfare, the Electric Eel and Everest in a 10-12 mile (18-20km) challenge. It’ll test your strength, stamina and mental grit - and the website promises you’ll get an orange headband and bragging rights to take to work on Monday morning.

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10. Race to End HPV

The cause: The NOMAN Campaign
What you can do: Row, cycle, or simply donate
Where it is: Spain
When it is: June

The lowdown: Last year we covered this event extensively on TraderLife, given that it included a number of traders and finance workers undertaking the gruelling rowing event to raise raise money for NOMAN, a charity set up by Tristan Almada and his sisters, Justine and Camille, to raise awareness of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and its links to 5% of all cancer diagnoses. This summer the rowing event will once again be taking place on the coast of Spain. To donate or take part, head to the link below.

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11. Longest Day Golf Challenge

The cause: Macmillan
What you can do: Play golf
Where it is: Your local golf course
When it is: June

The lowdown: Those innovative folk at Macmillan make a second appearance on our list. And let's be honest, we couldn't let this one pass - a challenge to play 72 holes of golf on the longest day of the year. Over 3,000 teams of four took part last year, raising £1.5m for those affected by cancer. Simply play your marathon session of golf, send your team score in, and if you're good enough to have made the top four you'll be jetted off to a swanky golf resort on the continent to compete in the final.

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