Great Shorts of all TimeTrader Digest: One of the Great Shorts of all Time

Trader Digest: One of the Great Shorts of all Time

In this week’s Trader Digest we find out why Facebook could feature in one of the great shorts of all time, what data from France is staggering analysts and economists, and how the Chinese economy really works...

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Why ‘the Digital Age’s Enron’ could be ‘one of the great shorts of all time’
"From privacy concerns to #fakenews controversies and plenty of stuff in between, Facebook’s been getting pounded by an onslaught of nasty headlines going back to the whole Cambridge Analytica fiasco that blew up last year. But, hey, some good headlines could be in the offing." Marketwatch

The economic data from France is so bad that one analyst simply wrote "?!" on the chart
“The collapse of an index measuring sentiment among French services companies was an extreme version of a number of negative-looking charts coming out of Europe this week."  Business Insider

Trader Dozen: Rob Carver
"In this Trader Dozen we speak to ex-hedge fund manager, trader, economist, author and self-proclaimed stats geek, Rob Carver." 

Trader Dozen: Rob Carver

Greece poised to return to bond market with five-year paper
"Greece's debt agency is to announce the country's return to the bond markets, with a five-year syndicated issue that may be announced within the day, sources indicated on Monday." Ekathimerini

How to Invest During a Bear Market
"Bear markets, when assets plummet 20% from recent highs, are among the scariest market events you'll encounter. But don't stop investing out of fear; consider these strategies instead."  Nerd Wallet

Powell on the Spot After Fed’s Monetary Messages Whipsaw Market
"Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has some further explaining to do after the central bank’s monetary messages whipsawed financial markets over the last month." Bloomberg

For the Headphones

How does the Chinese economy work?
"How does the Chinese economy work? What data is the most revealing about where the Chinese economy is headed? On this week’s episode of the Odd Lots podcast, we speak with Matt Boesler, an economics reporter for Bloomberg, who had the opportunity to report from Beijing in 2018. He shared with us his experience there, and what he learned with the opportunity." Bloomberg Odd Lots

What to Watch

Who was to blame for the Financial Crisis?
"The News Explained: BBC Business editor Simon Jack explains who was to blame for the Financial Crisis."BBC News

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