Photo by ELISA KERSCHBAUMER on Unsplash

Trader Digest: The Pastry A.I.

This week in Trader Digest, an A.I. that was built to distinguish different types of pastries has turned out to be capable of a lot more, Donald’s Trump’s empire is crumbling, and how the macro picture looks like right now...


Behind the Scenes at a Five-Star Hotel
‘For years, employees of the Pierre enjoyed some of the most enviable union jobs in New York City. How much of that will survive the pandemic?’ THE NEW YORKER

Empathetic Robots Are Killing Off the World’s Call-Center Industry
‘The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on the global call-center industry, and nowhere more than in the Philippines, the world leader in the field.’ BLOOMBERG

The Identity Hoaxers
‘What if people don’t just invent medical symptoms to get attention—what if they feign oppression, too?’ THE ATLANTIC

This Is Your Brain on Peloton
The exercise bike company’s virtual classes represent an intense new genre of content: a total curation of the mind.’ THE NEW YORK TIMES

Trump’s Ailing Empire
‘Donald Trump upended the American presidency after stepping away from the company that made him rich and famous. Four years later, returning to his empire after losing the White House, what he finds may upend him.’ BLOOMBERG

The Pastry A.I. That Learned to Fight Cancer
‘In Japan, a system designed to distinguish croissants from bear claws has turned out to be capable of a whole lot more.’ THE NEW YORKER


Luke Kawa on the Macro Situation Right Now
‘Over the last several weeks, we've seen major developments in the macro situation. The vaccine rollout has accelerated. We've gotten a stimulus. The economic outlook has improved. And rates have risen across the curve significantly. So what does the macro picture look like right now?’ BLOOMBERG

AstraZeneca Vaccine Tribulations
‘How problems will affect lockdown easing, plus does British policing require fundamental reform?’ FINANCIAL TIMES


Line of Duty
‘Bent coppers and the detectives sent to stop them. AC-12 isn't here to make friends. Will their investigations land them deadly enemies?’ BBC