bitcoinTrader Digest: Bitcoin Boom, Andy Murray & Election 2017. Photo: Zach Copley (Flickr).

Trader Digest: Bitcoin Boom, Andy Murray & Election 2017

Traders! Welcome to a new week - here's our weekly selection of what we reckon you'll enjoy reading, watching and listening to in those rare moments of free time away from the markets, featuring the Bitcoin Boom and Andy Murray's business ambitions...

Reading List

The Bitcoin Boom: How Much Higher Can It Go?
Bitcoin is up 60% in the past month alone and 320% in the past year. It hits a new all-time high every few days, with the price of the digital currency heading towards $2,000. If it’s all new to you and you’re looking to get a bit more clued up, Yahoo Finance provide the answers.

The books you should read, according to professors from Princeton, Harvard and Yale
The World Economic Forum asked professors at America's most prestigious colleges to nominate a single book that they’d recommend reading. As you can imagine, the list is pretty academically-weighted, though there are one or two surprises in there. Read the list here

Recep Tayyip Erdogan tightens grip by extending state of emergency
So far in Turkey, President Erdogan’s controversial crackdown has seen more than 40,000 people jailed, many of whom teachers, judges and journalists. Internet censorship, including blocking access to Wikipedia, is underway. Now, the Independent reports that Erdogan has extended the state of emergency indefinately, with rights groups fearing it is being used to quash free speech and dissent.

Andy Murray grows his business empire through another investment
You’ll know him as the star of Wimbledon, but Andy Murray is diversifying. Real Business looks into his first moves into business.

Win 55 bottles of whisky!
Last week we brought you the awesome story of World Whisky Day founder Blair Bowman’s record-breaking attempt to visit 60 whisky distilleries in one day, collecting bottles of the “water of life” as he did so. Now the 55 bottles he got his hands on can be won in a raffle raising money for the wonderful charity Just A Drop. Enter here

What to Watch

Election 2017
As the UK election on 8th June comes ever closer, few will cover the run-up and the day at the polls in as much depth as the BBC. Head to their dedicate coverage on iPlayer here

For the Headphones

“Are markets calm or are investors being complacent?”
The Bulletin with UBS
Monocle 24 Radio
The US equity market suffered its worst trading day in around eight months last week, yet volatility remains low. Monocle’s expert panelists have their say.

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