brexitTrader Digest: What Next for Brexit, Bitcoin & Binary? Photo: UK in Japan- FCO (Flickr)

Trader Digest: What Next for Brexit, Bitcoin & Binary?

This week’s Trader Digest poses the question of "what next?" for several key topics in the business, finance and trading spheres. Where does Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's resignation leave Theresa May and the Brexit negotiations? Where does Bitcoin go next? And is it RIP Binary Options Trading?

Reading List

China brags its cryptocurrency ban has practically killed local Bitcoin trading
“China’s central bank has hailed it’s cryptocurrency crackdown a complete success. Declared by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and reported by state media, data apparently shows that the Chinese currency is now involved in less than one percent of all Bitcoin trades worldwide." The Next Web

How does a leadership challenge to a UK prime minister work?
"Prime Minister Theresa May has been left exposed at the top of a government unable to unite over Britain's plans to leave the European Union, after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis quit within hours of each other. Below is an explanation of how May could be removed from office if she has to face a leadership challenge:" Yahoo Finance

What’s Next for Bitcoin?
"Last year, Bitcoin led a motley pack of so-called cryptocurrencies in one of the great booms in market history, soaring over 2,000 percent to its peak. Since then, it’s led an epic bust that rivals the dot-com era stock market collapse. But there are still plenty of true believers." Bloomberg

Binary options trading is dead — though few will mourn it
"Dearly beloved readers. We are gathered here today to celebrate the passing of binary options, the much-hated financial instrument." FT

Author who studies millionaires: 240 minutes a day separates the rich from everyone else
"There are 1,440 minutes in each day. That is the one common denominator we all share. With respect to time, we are all on equal footing. And most people, rich or poor, use about 1,200 of those minutes for the following activities: work, commuting, family-related, sleeping, eating, bathing, bathroom, grooming and dressing. That leaves about 240 minutes of time each day. And it is what the rich do with those 240 minutes that separates them from everyone else." CNBC

Going Dutch: London Stock Exchange applies for Amsterdam trading licence in case of hard Brexit
"The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has confirmed that it has applied for several trading licences in the Netherlands as a contingency against a hard Brexit." City AM

MiFID II saved me from a life of drunken debauchery
"Thank goodness for MiFID II. The new regulations may be causing problems for some salespeople who can no longer persuade potential clients to even pick up the phone for fear of being charged, but they've also delivered a big advantage: the relentless cycle of client entertainment is fizzling out.” eFinancial Careers

Trading Playlist: The Definitive Trader Soundtrack
"In need of some trading inspiration? Well fire up Spotify and plug in your headphones, for here’s a pick of the very best trader songs. You’ll find songs relevant to trading, those featured on iconic trading films, and ones to provide you with trading inspiration."

Trading Playlist: The Definitive Trader Soundtrack

What to Watch

Trading veteran, John "Rambo" Moulton (Live interview)
"This special episode of Chat With Traders was recorded in June 2018, in front of a live audience in Sydney. It’s a conversation with John Moulton, though he’s best known as Rambo." Chat With Traders YouTube

For the Headphones

109: Non-Farm Payroll Pizza Party
"Non-Farm Payroll is a trading event on the first Friday of every month that measures the labour market in the US and Tom brings old friend Gareth Redmond, back onto the podcast to discuss what it’s like to trade around it." Two Blokes Trading

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