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Trader Digest: The Sports Bettors Moving Markets

This week's Trader Digest finds lively markets amidst fears of a second wave of Coronavirus. Oil continues to plummet, and sports betters are turning away from the games and on to the stock markets... but do they know what they’re in for?


U.S. Futures Fall, Treasuries Rise on Virus Fears: Markets Wrap
‘U.S. equity futures fell and Treasuries advanced on signs that a second wave of the pandemic is emerging.’ BLOOMBERG

Oil Extends Losses on Fears Second Virus Wave Will Hit Economy
‘Oil fell again as a fresh coronavirus outbreak in China, and increases in cases elsewhere, spurred concerns that a second wave of the virus will derail a nascent economic recovery.’ BLOOMBERG

Trading Sportsbooks for Brokerages, Bored Bettors Wager on Stocks
‘When Russian table tennis or Korean baseball won’t scratch the itch, some are trying their hand at trading equities. It’s enough to move the market, analysts say.’ THE NEW YORK TIMES

‘Volatility is Everywhere’: The Market Tactic That’s Driving Stocks Haywire
'Investors big and small are wagering hundreds of billions of dollars on market moves' THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Bosses Say They Want to Tackle Racial Injustice
‘American firms want to become more diverse’ THE ECONOMIST

The Treasure Trove Hidden in Discarded Computers
‘What do you do with an old hard disk drive, the kind that still spins up inside most PCs, once it reaches the end of its life?’ BBC

Morgan Stanley Economists Double Down on V-Shape Global Recovery
‘The global economy is in a new expansion cycle and output will return to pre-coronavirus crisis levels by the fourth quarter, according to Morgan Stanley economists’ BLOOMBERG


Will Covid-19 Reverse Globalisation?
‘The seismic shock of the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the fragility of an interconnected world. Anne McElvoy and economist Jeffrey Sachs debate whether globalisation is still worth the risks — and whether liberal economists should bear some of the blame.’ THE ECONOMIST

Is Global Oil Dominance Coming to An End?
‘Will the current pandemic hasten the end of the oil era, and if so what impact will this have on the global economy and geopolitics? Gideon Rachman discusses the future of energy with former BP chief executive Lord Browne and the FT's energy editor David Sheppard.’ FINANCIAL TIMES


The Great Hack
'Explore how a data company named Cambridge Analytica came to symbolize the dark side of social media in the wake of the 2016 US presidential election.' NETFLIX