7 Ways to Keep Fit in the Busy Trading Week

We know it can be hard to find time for exercise in your busy trading week, so here are our top excuse-proof picks for 7 Ways to Keep Fit In the Busy Trading Week...

1. Virtual Fitness Training

What is it? Like having a personal trainer who's available whenever you need them. You get virtual training plans, exercise programmes, eating plans and 24/7 email access to your trainer when you need that little bit of extra motivation.

What’s so great about it? You get weekly progress updates to keep you on track, as well as shopping lists to match your food plan so you can't make excuses. And it's easy to squeeze into your day, as you can work out anywhere, any time, and your trainer will create a programme designed to suit your commitments and lifestyle.

Where can I do it? Pick a trainer and find classes at virtual-fitness.co.uk.

2. Hybrid Training

What is it? Hybrid training basically means mixing it up - whether you’re combining spinning with weights, rowing with squats or boxing with yoga. It ensures you’re working your whole body, rather than focusing on one area or type of exercise.

What’s so great about it? It’s multitasking, combining different types of exercise is ideal for cramming maximum fitness results into your busy week. And if you need further encouragement that you do need to work your legs as well as your arms, look no further...

Where can I do it? The original and the best hybrid classes are offered by the Hybrid Fitness Centre in Canada: hybridfitnesscentre.com/contact-us. If that’s a bit far to go, try the UK’s hybridgym.co.uk. Or stick with your regular gym and mix it up yourself.

3. Online Workouts

What is it? Basically, a trainer who films a video of an exercise routine, which you can follow at home. These days, you can find them for everything from running and yoga to cardio blast and ballet-based workouts.

What’s so great about it? Gone are the days of packing gym bags, dealing with crowded changing rooms and busy gym car parks and forgetting your water bottle. This is exercise on your terms. You can do it at any time of day and night, and even click ‘pause’ while you check on your trading charts.

Where can I do it? Anywhere you like - at home, in your hotel room while you’re away on business, even in the office. For the best videos, try bodyrock.tv, traineo.com and Home Fitness TV on YouTube.

4. Express Workouts

What is it? A workout in 30 minutes or less. Trainers and gym instructors are cottoning on to the fact that we just don’t have time for a 90 minute exercise class anymore and offering half-hour classes which boost your metabolism for 24 hours. You can go back to work while your body does the work for you.

What’s so great about it? High intensity short workouts are set to be a fitness trend in 2014. It’s a no-brainer: express workout classes are about burning maximum calories in minimum time, making exercise a more manageable slice in your busy trader day.

Where can I do it? We like MetaFit, which is making its way on to most gym timetables. Search here for a class near you: classfinder.org.uk.

5. Work out at your desk

What is it? Sometimes, you just don’t have time to go to the gym. So bring the gym to you instead. Believe it or not, you can do everything from stretches to aerobics at your desk - and your colleagues don’t even have to know about it.

What’s so great about it? We’ve all had days where leaving our desk is not an option, and in a fast-paced trading environment, walking away from your computer can cost you. Exercising at your desk allows you to keep on top of the market so your profits go up while your scales go down.

Where can I do it? You don’t even need to move out of your chair. Just click here to start finding out how you can mix working hard with working out.

6. Activity Trackers

What is it? You’ve probably heard of these before. They’ve grown from the humble pedometer into mini computers who know everything from how many reps you’ve done to what your form was like. And you can link them to fitness apps and sync them with your phone or tablet.

What’s so great about it? There’s no escape - no more lying about how many miles you ran, or how many press-ups you can do. Plus, because trackers can tell you what your form was like, you can find ways to make your workout more effective and keep burning calories while shaving minutes off your training time.

Where can I do it? We love the Runtastic app (available for iTunes and Google Play) and matching activity-tracking watch and heart rate monitor. The watch tracks your activity, fitness and sleep cycles and allows you to monitor your daily progress, while the app allows you to map your workouts with built-in GPS and tracking- there's even a voice coach who'll cheer you on. And you can share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter if you need some extra motivation.

7. Quick Fit App

What is it? This app takes the term ‘express workout’ to the extreme: it has a series of 7-minute workouts you can save on your phone to do at your leisure.

What’s so great about it? Well, no-one can say they can’t find 7 minutes at some point in the day to work out. And having the exercises listed on your phone means you can do them literally anywhere - none of them require any fancy equipment, either.

Where can I do it? Download the app from the iTunes store and you’re good to go.