singles party6 Ways to Kill It at a Singles Party. Photo: Jamie Street (Unsplash)

6 Ways to Kill It at a Singles Party

Social Concierge founder Nana Wereko-Brobby describes her private dating club as one of the few dating agencies aimed at finding the perfect ratio of male to female members. Here she shares the secrets to success at a single party...

Social Concierge

Social Concierge founder Nana Wereko-Brobby

It's one thing psyching yourself up to go to a dating party. It's quite another actually leaving with a phone number.

After six years of organising private dating parties in London and New York, I’ve witnessed men who've, frankly, knocked it out the park. Here's how they did it...

1. Nominate A Wingman – Then Kiss Them

Buddy tactics are the best way to pretend you're not interested in someone, while forcing them to get to know how great you are. Walk up to someone cute and suggest wingmanning them “to make this fun”. Navigate the room together, make quips about the prospects and bond as you go. By the time you've lapped the room, it’s on.

2. Walk Up to The Hottest Person in the Room

There usually tends to be a bit of a vacuum around the best looking person in the room. People dare not approach them, for fear of being publicly rejected. As every eye in the room is on them anyway, take a share of that attention by walking into that vacuum and sparking a conversion. It gets you noticed by everyone else and highlights your confidence.

3. Come Alone

The sure fire way to kill your chances is to arrive with a friend. Men who attend parties together tend to stick together, scout the room and only approach females who have also arrived in a pair. Not only does this dramatically decrease their chances of finding the perfect woman, but more often than not results in one guy trying to impress someone who is clearly eyeballing his friend. Women on the other hand tend to grab a bottle of wine, start chatting and forget about the point of the party (to meet someone). Come alone and you're approachable and forced to engage.

4. Don’t Spill Your Guts

One of the most commonly asked questions at these things is "why are you single?". Remember, most of the time it’s very much a tongue in cheek remark. They don't really want to know what happened with your ex. Brush off the question with a joke about being "picky" and focus on the flirt.

5. Peacock with Your Threads

People like a conversation point so make your outfit something to be talked about. Men, wearing a tailored suit is all well and good, but it’s the flamboyant finishes that really makes the difference. An old-time pocket watch passed through the generations, or feathered bow-tie picked up on your travels in Peru, all helps set you apart from the crowd. Women, wear something eye-catching with a story and you’re immediately gifted with 15 minutes of original conversation.

6. Just Wait It Out – Something’s Got to Give

And if all else fails, be one of the last men standing at the party. Who's picky now?

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