Perfect Fit JeansJeaneology: How to Pick the Perfect Fit Jeans. Photo: Farrel Nobel (Unsplash)

Jeaneology: How to Pick the Perfect Fit Jeans

Styles and trends may come and go, but there can be little doubt that jeans remain the ultimate staple, with several pairs key items for every man's wardrobe.

Enclothed Denim Fit Guide

Enclothed Denim Fit Guide

Whether you're heading on a night out with friends, whether you trade from home and don't think you should be sat at your trading desk in just your underwear, or whether your office is on board with 'casual Fridays', jeans are the common DENIMinator.

So for those of you who practically live in jeans, you need a pair that ticks all of the boxes: style, fit, & colour. Which is why we've asked the style gurus at Enclothed to help you on your hunt for the perfect pair, with a denim decoded guide to the popular styles.

1. The Skinny Jean

For a body confident guy who is willing to showcase his legs, a pair of skinny black jeans can be a valuable asset. Generally recommended for men who have a 32" waist and smaller. There is a common misconception that skinny jeans don't flatter men with short legs, however, we reckon that the skinny jean actually elongates the leg.

Enclothed Recommends: For an on-trend modern appearance, team with a long sleeved t-shirt and a black leather jacket.

The Skinny Jean

2. The Slim Jean

If you have a slightly stockier build but still want to achieve a fitted look, the slim jean is the option for you. They still hug your thighs and knees, but start to loosen up around the calves. If you're a fan of a blue wash, these are much more flattering in blue than the skinny jean.

Slim jeans are ideal for relaxed activities, yet still tailored enough to wear to a more formal occasion in a black wash. In terms of fit, men tend to pick up a size too big... you shouldn't be able to put more than two fingers in the waistband.

Enclothed Recommends: A '511' fit if you're a fan of Levi's.

The Slim Jean

The Slim Jean

3. The Straight Jean

The straight jean is a classic. Although straight jeans are considered to be slightly less fashionable by some, we think they can look just as stylish if you get the right fit (same rules apply - do the two finger in the waistband test).

If you're not as keen to showcase your legs, these are great at concealing any areas you don't want to emphasise. Blue or black, this shape is great for a simple, neutral look.

Enclothed Recommends: To balance out the looser fit, wear with a more structured t-shirt or jumper.

The Straight Jean

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