street food5 Must-Visit Street Food Joints in London's Trading Hubs. Photo: Roman Kraft (Unsplash)

5 Must-Visit Street Food Joints in London's Trading Hubs

Speedy, tasty, and featuring an increasing variety of cuisines, pop-up street food is taking London by storm.

In addition to being great venue choices for dates or spending an evening with friends, getting quick, hearty and flavoursome food to suit your mood needn't be a weekend-only ritual.

Instead, add some variation and excitement to your lunchtime by checking out our guide to the street food hot spots in trading hubs of London.


KERB has the convenience aspect covered by providing an online diary of which vendors will be participating to help you plan your foodie week, allowing you to see which street vans will pop up in your location for the week ahead.

Locations include Paddington, Kings Cross, the Gherkin, London Bridge and West India Quay, while regular events like Noshville, Reggae Roast and The Bucket List ensure a vibrant atmos.


StreetDots claims to have created the world's smartest street trading platform (a phrase you're no doubt read on a daily basis in those marketing emails you get). But this isn't the trading platform you're used to, instead, StreetDots' version, like KERB, means bringing street food to a new variety of locations in the capital (and expanding to the rest of the UK).

Working via an App that allows people to locate where their nearest food & retail hubs are popping up, new sites are being added every month. Current StreetDots include Broadgate Circle, Finsbury Square Avenue, Broadgate Plaza, Exchange Square and Bermondsey Square.

Whitecross Street Market

From Buddhal Bowl to Roast of Sherwood, from Cheese Louise to Carnevale Falafel, the creative names featured in Whitecross Street's food market give some indication as to the real variation of delicious grub on offer.

Open every weekday, it makes for a popular hotspot for the working folk of Clerkenwell and Hoxton, with the Turkish wraps found at Turkish Gozleme Company vying with the Burritos of Luardos as the market's most popular dish. The market doesn't have a website, but you can follow what's coming up on via their Twitter account.


one new change

Black pudding scotch egg anyone? Photo:

One New Change

One New Change are upping their game with new-look stalls open every Friday and every other Wednesday. Check out their website for the weekly listing of vendors. Starting at 10am until 3pm means there is the opportunity for a double food whammy, right?!

Current vendors include Cakehole (for the sweet tooth), renowned filo pie pros Hush Hush Chef, and the awesome sandwiches served up by Sticky Beaks, who are so diverse in their culinary inspirations that they claim their flavours “makes the UN look like an insular organisation”!

Spitalfields Market

We can’t provide a guide without mentioning the famous Spitalfields Market, East London's top spot for scran. Smokoloko and the Duck Truck are both popular permanent fixtures at the famous market near Liverpool Street Station, while LOLA's Cupcakes and Patisserie Valerie offer the sort of sugary delights you'd do well to treat the office to on those days when you've absolutely nailed that risky long call.

Once open only every Sunday, the market is now open every day of the week so there's no excuse for not sampling some of the fine culinary delights on offer one lunchtime.

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