Twitter 280Trader Digest: Buffett's Indicator, Dalio's Principles & Twitter Goes Large. Photo: (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: Buffett's Indicator, Twitter Goes Large & Dalio Fever

This week's Trader Digest brings the books that forged brilliance, Warren Buffett's favourite stock indicator, and a big change for Twitter. Oh, and lots of Ray Dalio.

Reading List

13 Successful People on the Books That Changed Their Lives
From Jeff Bezos to Sheryl Sandberg, including Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg, Yahoo Finance have put together a list of the books that some of the most brilliant people in business today have said inspired them to success.

Warren Buffett's Favorite Market Indicator Says Stocks Are in Trouble
Outlined in this article from Time Money, Warren Buffett says the best way to tell if stocks are too expensive is to look at two simple numbers: the total value of all equities in the market and the total size of the economy. And then compare them.

Psychology: Managing Relationships With a Full-Time Trading Career
There can be little doubt to full-time traders out there that your chosen profession can have severe and lasting impacts on your most important relationships with people. In our Trader Psychology series, Tino Pistou explores this topic in detail and provides some thoughts on how best to manage the relationships that matter while still being successful in your trading. Read it below...

Psychology: Managing Relationships With a Full-Time Trading Career

Investors can now make trades on Yahoo Finance
No longer just a place to look up stock market data and company news, website Yahoo Finance is now introducing trading directly via its app. Via partnership with TradeIt, they allow users to sync their brokerage portfolios so they can buy and sell stocks without leaving the app. Read more about this via TechCrunch here.

So why oh why is Twitter doing #280?
Those of you who hate social media, look away now. For last week Twitter announced that it is scrapping its 140 character restriction, in favour of increasing the amount of characters permitted to 280. So, other than doubling the output of America's current foreign policy, why are Twitter doing this now? This article from TechCrunch explains why.

Zen and the Art of Hedge Fund Management
With Ray Dalio's new book Principles out now, the fund maestro is not short of exposure. But we don't care, because everything written about Dalio can only increase our understanding and knowledge of this trading genius. Take Wired Magazine's feature on him, which delves into the background of Bridgewater Associates, his private hedge fund that just happens to be the world’s largest and most successful.

What to Watch

How to Build a Company Where the Best Ideas Win
TED Talk
It's that man again, as the now Amazon-bestseller for his new book Principles sees Ray Dalio's September TED talk front and centre of the book's promo website, and it's easy to see why. Dalio spends 16 golden minutes outlining his mindset, with a key theme being to always ask questions of yourself, particularly at times when you're certain you're right. Watch the TED Talk here.

"Rather than thinking, ‘I’m right.’ I started to ask myself, ‘How do I know I’m right?’”

For the Headphones

Ray Dalio on how to stress test your ideas and make better decisions
The Ray Dalio love-in is complete as he features in our Headphones section too. This time it's Marketplace who had the pleasure of his wisdom, in this 25-minute interview in which Dalio provides the insight that went into his best-selling Principles book. Listen here.

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