Photo: MattBuck (Wikimedia Commons)

Trader Digest: Citi's Ceiling-Smashing New CEO

This week in Trader Digest we see how Citigroup’s CEO Jane Fraser is making history on Wall Street, Robinhood change their options trading products, and a remarkable study on how animals understand numbers.


Citi’s New CEO Makes History and Now Must Fix Bank’s Problems
‘Now that she’s broken Wall Street’s thickest glass ceiling, new Citigroup Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jane Fraser’s next challenge will be to achieve what eluded her predecessors - but in the wake of a pandemic.’ BLOOMBERG

Fund Managers’ CEO Mania Gave a Head Start in 1,400% Rally
‘Two money managers at a Finnish fund have turned the study of chief executives into a game-changing investment strategy.’ BLOOMBERG

The Remarkable Ways Animals Understand Numbers
‘Humans as a species are adept at using numbers, but our mathematical ability is something we share with a surprising array of other creatures.’ BBC

Robinhood Reveals Major Changes to Options Trading Products
‘Robinhood tightens eligibility requirements to make it harder for options traders to qualify to trade sophisticated products.’ FINANCE MAGNATES


Why Blank Check Companies Are So Hot Right Now
‘SPACs have been around a long time. The basic premise is that a group of people raise a bunch of money from public market investors, with the premise of then going out to buy a specific, individual company.’ BLOOMBERG

How the World Has Changed Six Months into the Coronavirus Pandemic
‘The FT’s Gillian Tett and Hannah Kuchler look at how Covid-19 changed the world in six months’ BLOOMBERG


Extinction: The Facts
'With a million species at risk of extinction, David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all, including putting us at greater risk of pandemic diseases.' BBC IPLAYER