Photo: Gayatri Malhotra (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: President Biden

The votes are in and the U.S.A has a new president. But what could this mean for America and what will Trump do in his final days at the White House? Here are some stories that have caught our eye over the past week, along with a brand-new finance-based BBC drama described as a "Billions x Skins mash-up"...


Final Trump Days Ripe for Settling Scores, Pardoning Allies
‘President Donald Trump may have lost his bid for re-election, but his presidency and capacity for disruption are far from over.’ BLOOMBERG

Death Becomes Them: Here Are Some Politicians Who Scored Posthumous Election Victories
‘Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof was elected to the state Assembly’s 36th district. There’s just one problem. He’s dead.’ CNBC

A68 Iceberg on Collision Path With South Georgia
‘The world's biggest iceberg, known as A68a, is bearing down on the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia.’ BBC

Fugitive Ghosn Aims to Settle Scores in Book, Slamming Japan
‘Executive-turned-international fugitive Carlos Ghosn is gunning for revenge in a new book published this week about the events surrounding his arrest in Tokyo two years ago, 130-day Japanese imprisonment and dramatic escape to Lebanon.’ BLOOMBERG

What’s the Most Productive Workspace? Might Be the Pub
‘British pubs threw open their doors to remote workers. New restrictions are closing the pubs again, so it’s back to the kitchen table.’ WALL STREET JOURNAL

Crypto Traders Want Trading Bots but Don’t Trust Them—Here’s Why
‘Algorithmically-driven trading bots sound like money printers. They’ll invest your crypto as efficiently as possible, motivated only by profit and free from human bias. A no brainer, right?’ DECRYPT

Top 10 Technical Indicators for Trading in 2021
‘With advancements in technology, technical trading has become more popular. Many brokerages now offer charting with built-in technical indicators. There are free sites out there as well.’ INVESTMENT U


US Election 2020: Can Joe Biden Unite America?
‘After days of tense counting in key states, Joe Biden was confirmed as the winner of the US election, beating the incumbent Donald Trump. But as David Smith explains, his job of uniting the country begins now – and it won’t be easy’ THE GUARDIAN

What Biden Means for Johnson
‘UK-US ties and Brexit in the event of a Biden victory. Plus, can the chancellor heal the rift over furlough?’ FINANCIAL TIMES


‘Five graduates join Pierpoint, the world’s most pre-eminent financial institution, hoping to make their mark on the world. But for one of them, it all proves too much’ BBC