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Trader Workout: Full Body Burnout

TraderLife personal trainer Callum Osborne returns with another Trader Workout Challenge, this time providing a Full Body Burnout that can be done using dumbbell weights or similar.

The full workout is outlined below, and if you crack it make sure to have a browse through Callum's various other Trader Workouts, and for those who've not encountered our Trader Workouts before, have a read of our intro article which outlines what we're looking to achieve with these workouts (basically to get traders and other desk-bound workers moving around for a few minutes).

Workout: Full Body Burnout


  1. Single arm press
  2. Switch sides
  3. Both sides
  4. Single arm row
  5. Switch sides
  6. Both sides
  7. Single lift
  8. Switch sides
  9. Both sides
  10. Single lunge
  11. Switch sides
  12. Both sides + squat


  • As many times as possible


  • 1 minute per exercise

Did you complete the Trader Workout Challenge? Let us know @_TraderLife_