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6 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

Let’s face it, a bad hangover can lace any brilliant night out with instant regret. And they certainly don’t seem to be getting any easier the older we get.

So we sought hangover advice from Rhian Stephenson, CEO of Psycle London, on what exactly causes those crippling headaches and lethargy the day after the night before, and the best ways to combat them...

What is A Hangover?

There are many factors that contribute to a hangover, ranging from simple dehydration to more complex disruptions in normal metabolism.

When we drink, our pituitary gland suppresses the release of something called anti-diuretic hormone, which in turn causes the kidneys to flush the system as a means to protect the body from alcohol. This process flushes water and electrolytes out of the system at the same time, causing dehydration and its accompanying symptoms.

This can contribute to the hangover headache, but hangovers as a whole are more complex than just dehydration. Here are 6 ways to help combat it:

1. Rehydrate (and avoid coffee!)

Many health experts advise aggressive hydration after a night out. This means water, electrolytes and a total avoidance of substances that exacerbate the fact (bye bye coffee). Caffeine - although may instantaneously make you feel better - will only worsen your symptoms, so it should be avoided (I'm still working on this one...).

Pink grapefruit juice with a little Himalayan sea salt and water is one of the best natural hangover helpers. Grapefruits help support liver detoxification but are also high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, which will help the body neutralise toxins and the sea salt helps replenish electrolytes.

2. Workout

Sweat! Cardio is one of the best ways to help excrete toxins. The toxins produced by alcohol are mostly metabolised by the liver, but the remainder need to be excreted through breath, urine and sweat.

Exercising when you're hungover allows the body to expel toxins via breath and sweat more rapidly, which should help your hangover. However, because you're dehydrated and the body isn't able to metabolise carbohydrate in the normal way, exercising while hungover can exacerbate dehydration, cause muscle cramps, electrolyte imbalances and increase your risk of muscle strains or injury.

The best way to do it is to make sure you've replenished electrolytes first - you don't need anything too sugary, but a fresh mixture of fruit sugars and salt will do the trick. So make sure you hydrate and refuel afterwards to help stabilise electrolytes and blood sugar.


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3. Load up on glutathione-rich foods

The antioxidant glutathione plays a part in liver detoxification - especially the byproducts of alcohol metabolism. Glutathione runs out quickly, which is dictated by our genes, BUT is also influenced by our diets. Cysteine is a sulphur rich amino acid that is a key building block for Glutathione and is high in eggs, garlic, sunflower seeds, oats, turkey and soya beans.

Asparagus, spinach, avocado, squash, melons grapefruits & peaches all contain glutathione, and cruciferous vegetables can also help increase levels. Milk Thistle has been shown to increase glutathione production and also have a protective function on hepatocytes (liver cells) to help prevent damage from harmful toxins.

Along with Milk Thistle, Vitamin C and a B complex can all help your body deal with alcohol. Take them before the night out and in the morning to help support your metabolism.

4. Echinacea

Alcohol is a toxic compound, but the byproducts of alcohol metabolism are said to be 10-30 times more toxic than the drink itself. One of the most disruptive parts of a hangover is the accumulation of a compound called acetaldehyde, which is a byproduct of alcohol metabolism that in high amounts can cause sweating, pain, nausea, vomiting and fatigue.

Hangovers are also driven by various effects on the immune system. Studies have found high levels of inflammatory cytokines (molecules that are a part of the immune system) accompany hangovers. Cytokines trigger things like fever and inflammation to battle infection, however alcohol also stimulates cytokine production, which contributes to hangover symptoms like muscle aches, headaches, fatigue and irritation.

To reduce inflammation and pain, echinacea extract has been shown to inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines, so if you're looking for a natural alternative rather than loading up on painkillers, this is your go to.

5. Magnesium

Alcohol suppresses the production of Glutamine, which is one of the body's natural stimulants (it's known as an excitatory neurotransmitter). Once alcohol levels drop, the body tries to play catch up by over producing glutamine, which is what wreaks havoc on your system.

This is what's known as a glutamine rebound, and it's the main culprit for why sleep is disrupted. With excess glutamine in the blood stimulating the brain, the body can't achieve deep sleep, this is often why you feel exhausted but wired in the middle of the night if you've been drinking.

If the glutamine rebound is severe, it can also cause anxiety, tremors, feelings of restlessness and can irritate the stomach causing nausea the next day. To help reduce the symptoms of glutamine rebound, Magnesium is a calming or inhibitory neurotransmitter, which can help relax the system if you're overly wired or anxious.

6. Smoothies

Impaired energy metabolism - this one is all about your nutrition. The body actually needs simple, one step nutrition, which means things that don't need to be digested very much before they are absorbed. A smoothie with glucose rich fruit, anti-inflammatory oils, cysteine and other amino acids as well as a few botanicals to fight inflammation is my go-to in terms of advice. Alkaline Infusion and Green Light with added Alkaline Minerals from Energy Kitchen are great hangover remedies.

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