The Rage Cage: The Ideal Solution to a Bad Day in the Markets

We've all had those days. The days when nothing goes your way, when every call you've made goes south, when you're convinced the markets are working against you, and only you.

And sometimes those days don't even involve trading. Sometimes they involve that annoying colleague who has made one "whacky" quip too many, or the perennial distraction of the drilling builders outside, or some office kit that is plotting against you - whether the spluttering coffee machine, the boiling hot tap or (like our friends in the amazing Office Space film above) the infernal printer that continually jams.

Presumably it's for days like these that 'Anger Rooms' and 'Rage Cages' are beginning to pop up in cities all over the world. Beginning in the Canada, these rooms simulate an office environment and essentially allow the paying customer to unleash their pent up frustrations from a day at work.

Over at, based in Dallas, Texas, the room "provides an alternative to seeing a ‘head doctor’ or talking it out when you’re having a bad day" and includes "dummies, mannequins, TVs, tables and many, many more breakable items."

We're not convinced being handed a baseball bat, some goggles and the freedom to smash the bejesus out of inanimate objects will ever be recommended by medical professionals, but needless to say the trend appears to be catching on in the UK, with Birmingham and Nottingham now boasting the country's debut rage cages, charging customers between £20 - £40 for 30 minutes of cathartic release.

Interestingly you're not allowed to bring your own items to break but are restricted to what the company's provide from the local scrap yard. Which is probably good news for a few Bloomberg Terminals after a particularly stressful day's trading.