Shaving Tips7 Shaving Tips to Start Your Day the Right Way

7 Shaving Tips to Start Your Day the Right Way

It’s estimated that male facial hair grows between 125mm and 150mm per year, adding up to an average of 3000 hours of a man’s life shaving - that is indeed 125 days of your life spent shaving.

Since it’s a task that you are going to be doing so often, you might as well learn all the tips and tricks to hopefully ensure you get the job done quickly and easy. We’ve sat down with the guys from Cornerstone and here is their best advice on how to shave.

1. Exfoliate

If you want a smooth shave you need to start with the basics: preventing ingrown hairs and removing dead skin cells. Pick a scrub that doesn’t contain any nasty plastic microbeads and use it two to three times a week to get an even closer finish.

2. Shave after showering

If you’re in a rush you are more likely to put too much pressure on your skin, miss some spots and cut yourself, so take your time. Don’t forget to rinse your blades under hot water or they will clog more easily and you won’t get a smooth look.

To save some precious minutes, what you can do is shave immediately after you shower as the steam will mean your pores are already open, perfectly priming your face for shaving.

Plus, your stubble will be softened from the warm water making it that much easier for the blades to cut through your stubble. It’s always best to relax, take your time and enjoy the experience.

3. What not to do

Dry shaving and an old blade are the perfect combination for razor burn and skin irritation. We’ve all done it - you’re running short of time and you need to shave as quickly as possible, but dry shaving is still a nightmare for your skin and ironically it will end up taking up more of your time as you'll then need to tend to your cuts and razor burn!

Make sure you use a shaving gel or cream so your blades can glide over your skin effortlessly whilst providing a protective barrier for your skin.

Say no to blunt razors. It's a false economy if you think you're saving money by using an old, blunt razor. All you'll end up doing is causing skin irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs, which will lead you to go buy products to remedy the damage. Make sure you have a fresh set of blades ready for when your current blades become dull.

4. Hydrate and repair your skin

Shaving can dry your skin, causing irritation, so avoiding a moisturizer can save you a couple of seconds every morning, but it will do more harm than good in the long run.

To soothe and re-hydrate your skin, choose a post-shave balm or moisturiser, but make sure it doesn’t sting! If it does, it’s probably because it contains alcohol, which ironically only dries and irritates your skin even more.

5. Shave with and not against the grain

Shaving techniques can make a big difference. To achieve a clean shaven look, we always recommend going with the grain. Going against is a definite no as it's more likely to cause skin irritation as well as ingrown hairs as you end up cutting hair too short, which is more likely to grow back under your skin and cause shaving spots.

When you shave with the grain, the razor won't drag or pull your skin giving you a closer (and less painful) look.

6. Remedying nicks and cuts

If you end up cutting yourself in the middle of shaving, don’t go straight for the traditional tissue paper. You’re better off covering your face instead with some Vaseline or lip balm to quickly stop the bleeding and prevent any nasty infections.

Hopefully the other tips on this article will mean that you don't cut yourself anymore!

7. Treat yourself!

If you shave everyday, you might as well enjoy it. Think of it as your me-time. Find the products that best suit your skin and enjoy the 15 minutes you have to yourself.

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