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A Fuss-Free Guide to Healthy Hair

You may not put much thought into your hair routine, and you may even be washing it with shower gel (we've all been guilty of this one), but it's important to remember that spending a few extra minutes taking care of your hair will only bring you benefits in the long-term.

Here are some of grooming-experts Cornerstone favourite tips to take care of your hair, hassle-free.

Get a haircut every six weeks

For healthy hair growth, barbers usually recommend getting your hair cut around every six weeks. Not only will it encourage healthy growth but you'll also be in control of how it looks, especially if you have short hair that grows fast. If you're trying to grow your hair, you can opt for getting it cut every eight weeks. If you're going for a sharper look, then go every 4-5 weeks.

Don't wash your hair every day

You might be used to washing your hair every day but this might be doing more harm than good. By washing your hair every day you are stripping it of its natural oils which may end up making your locks even oilier. As crazy as it sounds, the lack of natural oils triggers the production of more oil, but at the same time your locks will get dehydrated and brittle, leading to increased hair breakage.

It's best to stick to washing it 3 to 4 times a week - if your hair needs a little boost, opt for dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. Once you've washed your hair, remember to pat it dry; don't be harsh by rubbing it dry with a towel as this will damage your hair and cause further breakage.


Instead of using the first product you find in your bathroom like your shower gel, ensure you are using a product that will nurture and condition your hair. The easiest way to go is to get yourself a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner that will get the job done in half the time, but it will still help to condition your hair and reduce breakage for stronger, thicker hair. But the best part is that it'll leave your hair softer, making the task of styling it much easier.

Use mattifying products

Mattifying products can offer you a natural look and create the appearance of thicker hair. Matte products absorb the light so they'll make your hair look slightly thicker whilst giving you an effortless 'haven't tried too hard' look. Remember that less is more when it comes to styling products; always start with a small amount to ensure you don't you make your hair look greasy.

Don't overuse styling products

The best person to ask how to style your hair is your barber. They are the experts so they'll be able to give you tips on how to recreate the look at home using styling products. That being said, you don't want to overdo it either.

If you're looking for some extra volume, quickly blow-dry your hair after you shower instead of using hairspray. A pomade or wax could come in handy if you're having issues keeping your look in place as it can offer a strong hold without weighing it down.

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