lifestyle managerTime-Poor Trader? 5 Ways a Lifestyle Manager Can Blitz Your To-Do List. Photo: Eric Rothermel (Unsplash)

Time-Poor Trader? 5 Ways a Lifestyle Manager Can Blitz Your To-Do List

If you’ve never considered a lifestyle manager, or think a private PA is a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous, then you might want to think again - particularly if you're a time-poor trader looking to trade in that to-do list for more time doing what you enjoy.

Increasingly, busy professionals, private individuals and families are hiring a dedicated Lifestyle Manager to help them through the humdrum of their daily lives. That's because they've figured out that outsourcing personal admin, household tasks and errands frees up time which can be better spent with friends and loved ones, pursuing personal goals, or just doing things they actually enjoy doing.

And, when they’re not sure what to do with all this extra time, they have the advice of a professional at their fingertips to help them make the most of it. Worth the trade-off for a little extra expense each month?

One of the longest standing lifestyle management companies, Buy Time (in the business for well over a decade), don’t charge their clients a subscription fee, or even ask that they commit to minimum usage each month. Buy Time, who assign each of their clients a dedicated personal assistant, simply invoice their clients for the time used each month - down to the nearest five minutes.

And the lifestyle gurus at Buy Time have come up with five routine responsibilities they know you'd love to have taken off your hands:

1. Personal & Household Admin

Your dedicated assistant can manage your personal bookkeeping and take care of all preparation required for your annual tax return. They can set up and manage insurance policies, help you switch utility providers or mobile contracts and set up personal appointments.

2. Personal Shopping

Whether shopping for yourself or gift-buying for loved ones, the savvy LMs at Buy Time can take care of your shopping list for you. Little black books in hand - they know exactly where to go and who to speak to. Let them help you impress friends and family this Christmas.

3. Property Management

Has the kitchen sprung a leak? Are there repairs that need doing? Or have you been meaning to redecorate but just never get around to it? Your dedicated Buy Time assistant can liaise with tradesmen on your behalf, be at home to provide access and oversee work to ensure it's completed to a standard you'd be happy with. They have even managed full-scale renovations for their clients.

4. Holiday Itineraries

Buy Time know where to go and when - your Lifestyle Manager will get to know you and your family and can develop a bespoke and detailed travel itinerary to suit your personal preferences. They’ll make all the bookings for you – down to the very last detail.

5. Live the Life You Want To

Want to make the most of time away from your trading desk? Whether you have a passion for fast cars and travel or would just like to spend more quality time with friends and family, a Buy Time Lifestyle Manager can design a bespoke calendar of activities and events and book and manage these on your behalf – helping to make sure you're living the life you want to…

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