Grooming mistakesFive Grooming Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now and How To Fix Them. Photo: Cornerstone

5 Shaving Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now and How To Fix Them

If you suffer from bumpy, itchy or irritated skin after shaving it’s possible you’ve been making some of these common shaving mistakes.

From using skincare products to prepping your skin and using the right technique, a proper shaving routine will ensure cuts and razor burn are a thing of the past.

We’ve partnered with Cornerstone to bring you the five most common shaving mistakes and how you can rectify them should you be guilty of any of them.

1. Going Straight into the Shave

For the best possible shave, you’re better off shaving after you’ve showered and exfoliated your face. The quickest way to prep your skin is to jump in the shower and use a microbead-free scrub to clear your skin of any impurities and dead skin cells. This will ensure you get a smooth, close shave.

The steam of the shower will open up your pores and soften your stubble, making it easier to shave. Once you’re out of the shower, it’s time to tackle the stubble.

2. Shaving Against the Grain

Our number one piece of advice is always to shave with the grain, not against it. Back in the 50’s when the science behind razors hadn’t been developed enough, it was hard to get a close shave.

However, nowadays our technology has improved so much that you can still go with the grain and achieve a smooth shave. Going against the grain will only mean higher chances of razor burn and cuts, so unless you like the tissue-paper-stuck-on-your-face look, we suggest you always shave in the direction of hair growth.

3. Overusing Blades

Apart from going against the grain, the second biggest mistake you can make is using blunt blades. Using an old razor translates into an uncomfortable shave and the potential for nicks and cuts, not to mention razor burn.

This is because blunt blades require you to make more passes over the same area to get a close shave, but the more passes you make, the higher the chances are of skin irritation.

If you shave every day, we’d recommend changing the blades every Monday morning- after all it’s a new week so put your best face forward. A fresh set of blades will make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your shave.

4. Dry-Shaving

We’ve all done it once or twice. You’re shaving in a rush or you’ve run out of shave gel, so you decide to just take the razor to your face and start shaving- dry. This will only irritate and dry out your skin.

Not only will a shave gel or cream provide a protective barrier between your skin and the blades, but it will also allow the blades to glide smoothly across the face.

5. Not Using a Post-Shave Balm

Shaving can irritate and dry your skin, so to ensure you have the smoothest and most comfortable shave yet, make sure you’re using a moisturising post-shave balm after shaving. It will close your pores and re-hydrate your skin whilst having a cooling and calming effect.

When picking out a post-shave balm, the number one criteria to look for is a product that doesn’t contain alcohol. This ingredient only dries and irritates your skin even further, so instead choose a product that will help to soothe and restore your skin’s moisture.

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