Workout WardrobeTrader Fitness: 5-Day Workout Wardrobe

Trader Fitness: 5-Day Workout Wardrobe

TraderLife's personal trainer Callum Osborne is as passionate about the kit he's wearing as he is about the exercises themselves.

So if you're in need of new kit in which to tackle Callum's Trader Workouts, then he's put together his go-to workout wardbrobe for every day of the working week (and a cheeky addition for the weekend). Enjoy...

Nike Dri-Fit T-Shirt & track trousers


Monday is known around the world as International chest and triceps day, so to start the week I go to my typical workout gym kit, which you can see on the right.

When I do my weight training I will wear slim-fit Nike trousers and a dri fit Nike top. All of Nike's dri fit tops fit really well, and they have a huge selection of designs.

Of course it's not all about aesthetics - the main purpose of gym wear is to be comfortable in it to ensure the maximum workout. I can move freely and I find after a sweaty session once washed I have no problem with any smell.

Under Armour

Under Armour Sleeveless Compression Shirt


Tuesday is legs and shoulders day. When I workout I like to see the muscle groups working. I know that sounds cheesy! But it's a great motivator for me so I'll opt for a vest. As well as the Nikes, Under Armour do a good line in vests and tanks.

Vests also help keeping cool, with less material meaning you won't be as distracted by all the perspiration! I know traders won't always get this advantage (unless they work from home or for a very laid back boss!), but I tend to wear a lot of my gym gear outside of workouts too, largely due to the comfort.

Nike Metcon Repper

Nike Metcon Repper DSX training shoes


This is HIIT day (high intensity interval training) with a focus on back and triceps.

My Nike Met Cons are great for the active and intense HIIT training and very comfortable for daily weight training, not to mention that they look great. While my favourite t-shirt is also a Nike (there's a theme here!), as again it's super cool and airy with great ventilation.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 2


It's time to get the legs moving on Thursdays as there's a 10k run in the diary. I wear my Apple Watch series 2 every day to record my workouts, but I especially love using it for my runs.

The Apple health app gives you goals to hit, which is a great motivator if you're as competitive as me - those goals WILL be reached! Also, I always wear leggings on my run and in the gym, especially in winter. Again they're so comfortable and I have good range of motion in them.

Casall Sports Bag

Casall Sports Bag


Of course, all of this kit needs a good place to store and carry. This gym bag by Casall is great to hold all your sweaty gym kit as it's got water resistance material - which is definitely what I need! Especially if I workout in the mornings and I have to store my kit in my bag all day.

Fridays for me usually entails a boxing HIIT class combo of bag work and body weight exercises, such as squat jumps, press-ups, high sprints and mountain climbers. For more from Casall, check out their article below:

A Yogi's Introduction to Mindfulness

Casall M HIT Prime longsleeve

Casall M HIT Prime longsleeve


No rest for the wicked - even at weekends!

This top by Casall is great for hiit training as it absorbs sweat to reduce discomfort, while I also wear this top under my shirt for my football training, which is the perfect Saturday or Sunday exercise for those who don't like the gym!

It's light and moveable, perfect for all the agility training we do.

Inspired to try Callum's Trader Workouts? Check them out here and let us know on Twitter @_TraderLife_ if you manage them!