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Introducing: Amazon Tap

Ever wished you had a personal assistant on tap to deal with the details you just can't be bothered with after a long day of trading?

Well, Amazon came up with a solution last year in the form of their Echo, a wireless voice-activated speaker that was home to Alexa, a virtual assistant capable of answering questions, reading books and news stories aloud, reporting on traffic and the weather, providing info on local businesses, keeping you up to date with sports scores and more (all that in addition to the main draw of playing whatever music you asked for on request from a range of music players and sources). Think Siri but smarter.

There was just one problem - the Echo was a bit too big to take just anywhere. Fine for general home use or to set up in the office, but not truly portable when it comes to travelling. Enter the Amazon Tap - a smaller Alexa-enabled speaker that really is small and light enough to take with you pretty much anywhere, like a virtual assistant you can keep in your pocket.

So now you can ask Alexa to book you an Uber as you're winding up in the office, get her to order your pizza and catch you up on the sports scores on the way home and even ask her to switch the kettle on and turn the heating up as you approach your street (the Alexa technology can integrate with a range of smart home apps to switch appliances on and off and more). A truly connected Trader Life...

The Amazon Tap is available from Amazon here