Trader Digest: Facebook's Crypto Plunge. Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Trader Digest: Facebook's Crypto Plunge

Trader Digest is a round up of all our latest reading, listening and video recommendations, tailored to traders. In our latest edition we link out to a wide range of analysis on Facebook's recently-announced move into the cryptocurrency space, and feature a podcast that focuses on the man who first discussed digital cash back in the 1980s...

Reading List

Facebook's Libra currency won't replace your money
"Facebook has launched its own cryptocurrency, but with regulators circulating and a lack of a real use case, there's no guarantee it'll ever happen" Wired

Facebook Token Runs Into Instant Political Opposition in Europe
"Facebook Inc.’s ambitious plan to roll out its own cryptocurrency ran into immediate political opposition in Europe, with calls for tighter regulation of the social-media giant."

What is Libra? All you need to know about Facebook's new cryptocurrency
"Facebook claims it wants to reach people without access to a bank account, and that Libra is the best way." Guardian

How do you design an office for robots?
"If a company replaces humans with robots, what do their offices look like? That’s what I wondered when I visited the new London headquarters of XTX Markets, a top trading firm that doesn’t have human traders. The company just moved into the space in King’s Cross, an area that will also be home to Google’s massive 'landscraper.'"QZ

Trader Assets: Warren Buffett's $40k Golf Clubs

Trader Assets: Warren Buffett's $40k Golf Clubs

For the Headphones

Meet The Godfather Of Cryptocurrency
"Bitcoin has been around for about ten years. But the dream of a decentralized, anonymous digital currency has been around for decades. On this week’s podcast, we speak with one of the original godfathers of the space, David Chaum, an American cryptographer, who first wrote about digital cash in the early 80s."Bloomberg Odd Lots

What to Watch

How Tesla CEO Elon Musk makes and spends his $19.2 billion
"Musk spends money on homes, cars, and charities, but he also invests a significant amount back into his companies." Business Insider