Trader Digest: Coronavirus and Plummeting Markets. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Trader Digest: Coronavirus and Plummeting Markets

You may be sick of hearing about it but as the virus is taking over the markets are continuing to plummet to new depths. What could this mean for the world’s economy?

Keep up-to-date with the latest market activity and what you can do to keep safe in todays climate...


Trump says markets will bounce back after stock plunge halts trading
"Panicked investors sold off stocks again over concern about the spreading coronavirus pandemic, triggering another marketwide trading halt Thursday for the second time this week and only the third time in history." POLITICO

Dow Plunges 2,300 Points: Stocks In Meltdown As Panic Selling Continues
"The stock market has suffered a relentless, breathtaking drop — moving deeper into bear territory. Stocks fell so fast Thursday morning that it triggered a 15-minute halt in trading for the second time this week." NPR

NYSE preparing for trading floor closure as the coronavirus sweeps through New York
"The New York Stock Exchange is preparing a coronavirus contingency plan that might close its iconic trading floor." MARKETS INSIDER

Australia stocks stage dramatic comeback as Asia markets trade wildly
"Stocks in Asia Pacific traded wildly on Friday after shares of Wall Street saw a historic drop overnight, as fears over the global coronavirus outbreak continued to weigh on investor sentiment." CNBC

Coronavirus: Eight charts on how it has shaken economies
"The coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has infected tens of thousands of people. Its spread has left businesses around the world counting costs. Here are eight key maps and charts to help you understand the impact seen on different economies and industries so far." BBC

Europe Recession Inevitable as Last Line of Defense Crumbles
"There’s 1,000 miles and a body of water between Mark McGowan and the Italian epicenter of Europe’s coronavirus outbreak. He may as well be next door." BLOOMBERG

Gold Slumps and Platinum Falls by Most Ever Amid Hunt for Cash
"Precious metals took another beating on concerns that a wave of emergency stimulus measures by central banks won’t be enough to improve a rapidly deteriorating economic outlook." BLOOMBERG


Can the NHS cope with coronavirus?
"NHS staff are bracing for a surge in hospital admissions as the number of people in the UK with coronavirus continues to rise." THE GUARDIAN


Coronavirus: How to Stop Touching Your Face
"We spoke to psychologist Natasha Tiwari about how to stop touching our faces." BBC iPLAYER