beerTrader Digest: Brexit, Beer, Yoga & Tinder. Photo: Photo Lance Anderson (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: Brexit, Beer, Yoga & Tinder

Cramming the best of trading-related content into one handy package, it's Trader Digest. This week we've brought you Brexit, beer, yoga, Tinder, and robots. What more could you possibly want?

Reading List

Brexit Bulletin: Brits Go Into Round Two Fighting Themselves
Bloomberg's Brexit Bulletin is something of a must-have on most days but especially this week, with the UK once again returning to Brussels to resume talks with their EU counterparts. Their current analysis does not reflect well on Theresa May's team of negotiators...

Will the European Central Bank Turn More Dovish?
Despite what the majority of the UK's press might suggest, it's not just Brexit on the agenda this week. Thankfully the FT are a little more expansive in their coverage and are outlining what else could be affecting the markets this week, including the ECB, rising bond yields and potentially more Dollar doldrums. Read it here.

Bored Traders on Tinder Are a Symptom of Wall Street Revenue Dip
What does playing golf, swiping on Tinder and buying the new Nintendo Classic all have in common? Well, according to Bloomberg they’re all tasks that traders are doing to combat the boredom they’re apparently experiencing at work, with an 11% drop in trading revenue reported from the five biggest trading firms.

Trader Interview: Ivo Luhse, Evestin Forex
Our latest trader interview from the fine chaps at Two Blokes Trading podcast sees automated robot trading under the spotlight, with FX trader Ivo Luhse. Read it below:

Pod Chats: Ivo Luhse on Trading Algorithms

What to Watch

Beer and Yoga, What's Not To Like?
If ever there was a headline that did what it said on the tin, then this is it. From the BBC, this is the news that a new craze is set to sweep the country that involves the healthy act of yoga, mixed with the.... erm.... less healthy act of drinking beer. Check out the video here.

Trader Workout: Office Plank Challenge
Our very own PT Callum Osborne is back with another Trader Workout - this time he's tasking you with a number of plank challenges! Dare you give it a shot? Watch the video below.

Trader Workout: Office Plank Challenge

For the Headphones

Using Sports Science to Stack Probability in Favour of Trading Success
Chat With Traders
How does someone apply their knowledge from sports science and performance psychology to thrive in trading? Find out this week as host Aaron chats to James King, who discusses his new venture Project Thor.

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