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Trader Digest: Trading During Lockdown & Britain Coming Together

In this week’s Trader Digest we’ve loaded you up with helpful advice on trading volatile markets in lockdown, as well as how COVID-19 has brought Britain back together…


Oil Plunges Below Zero for First Time in Unprecedented Wipeout
'Of all the wild, unprecedented swings in financial markets since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, none has been more jaw-dropping than Monday’s collapse in a key segment of U.S. oil trading.’ BLOOMBERG

Trading in Times of Lockdown: Why this Dalal Street veteran sees no urgency to invest in this market
‘A defensive investor can always prosper by looking patiently and calmly through the wreckage of a bear market. – Benjamin Graham’ – ECONOMIC TIMES

Virus Deaths Ease in Europe as Worst-Hit Countries Get Respite
‘The coronavirus pandemic showed the first signs of easing in Europe as Italy, Spain and France, the region’s hardest-hit countries, reported the smallest increases in fatalities in weeks and Germany prepared to jump-start commercial life again.’ BLOOMBERG

5 questions to ask if you’re considering a personal loan in a crisis
‘Normally, interest rate would be the deciding factor, but these days, there are other things you should take a hard look at’- MARKET WATCH

What Happens When the Stock Exchange Closes Due to COVID-19?
‘As the spread of the coronavirus causes global economies to effectively hunker down, causing the cancellation of travel, live events, public gatherings, and more, questions about whether global stock exchanges will also have to close are becoming more prevalent.’- INVESTOPEDIA


The Shrink Next Door
‘What happened in the Hamptons?’ WONDERY

How Covid-19 brought Britain back together
‘After a divisive period dominated by Brexit, the pandemic has brought about a newly fostered spirit of community engagement and everyday heroism’ THE GUARDIAN


How A Shoe Company Makes 100,000 Masks A Week To Fight The Coronavirus