Alucia 2Trader Assets: Ray Dalio's Ocean Exploring Yacht. Photo: OceanX

Trader Assets: Ray Dalio's Ocean Exploring Yacht

You can be forgiven for assuming that when a billionaire trader purchases a multi-million dollar yacht, then you're likely to find it harboured off the south coast of France, its sole purpose being to allow its owner to bask in the Mediterranean sun while being served cocktails and fine-dining from a fully-serviced kitchen. But... this is Ray Dalio we're talking about.

Ray Dalio's yacht - the Alucia - is 56 metres in length, has room for 16 guests in eight cabins and comes with 14 crew, at a value of around $50m. But the staff aren't serving the finest fresh seafood - they're looking for never-before-seen sea life.

So forget the loungers, jacuzzis and on-board casino, for this yacht boasts only scuba gear, submarines and a dizzying amount of tech. You see, the Alucia is a research and exploration vessel, "built to broaden our scientific understanding of the ocean and illuminate its myriad of natural wonders" according to OceanX, Dalio's non-profit ocean exploration and media production company that he heads alongside his son Mark and Hollywood director James Cameron.

Dalio's love of ocean exploration is well-documented. In fact, he's open about finding it more interesting to space travel.

You go out to outer space and you get an interesting picture of what the Earth in outer space looks like, and then you go to Mars and you get a lot of rocks. I'm not saying it's not interesting, but how many times can you look at the Earth from up there and say, 'wow,' and how many times can you go to Mars? I think the ocean is far more exciting and I think it's far more intimate in terms of affecting our lives.Ray Dalio

Dalio's yacht boasts a helipad plus two submarines that can descend to a depth of 1,000 metres. Its state-of-the-art media production facilities were used to film the latest BBC series Blue Planet II, with the legendary Sir David Attenborough boarding the Alucia during filming. It was also from the Alucia that footage of the mythical giant squid was filmed for the first time in 50 years, off the Ogasawara Islands south of Tokyo.

So what's Mr Dalio planning to do with it next? Well... he's selling it.

The Alucia 2

The Alucia 2. Photo: OceanX

That's right, if you've got a cool $20m lying around you can take the Alucia off Dalio's hands (buy it here), but not because the Bridgewater CEO has had enough of deep water - because he's not gone deep enough.

Refitted from a 2010 vessel known as Volstad Surveyor built in 2010 by Freire Shipyard, the Alucia 2 is set to be finished in 2019. It will be bigger, better and more ambitious in scope. At 85 metres length, it's 50% bigger than its older sister, while it'll also come with marine research labs, a helicopter hangar, three manned submersibles and autonomous drones. Oh, and a production studio developed in consultation with Avatar visionary James Cameron.

After conquering the world of trading and finance, Dalio has a brave new world to explore...

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