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Top Classic Cars & How To Retain Their Value

Purchasing your first classic car can be an extremely exciting occasion, and naturally you will want to show it off to everyone and take it for long drives in the country, however alongside buying a valuable car comes the hassle of upkeep and maintaining its condition so when the time comes to re-sell, the car is in good nick.

How you care for your car has everything to do with the price it will fetch when you end up selling or trading in, so it’s paramount to ensure you’re doing all you can to look after it.

The experts at Design 911 have given a run-down of the top cars that retain their value, and what you can do to maintain the value in your car.

Top Value Classic Cars

Future Classic 2 – The Ferrari 456

When the Ferrari 456 was designed and manufactured in 1992, it was the fastest car of its kind, and being a 4 seater it also allows it to a pretty practical ride. It also incorporates the classic Ferrari interior and is interestingly the last one of the brand to have the iconic pop up headlights. The annual growth rate of this vehicle is a whopping 53%.

BMW E46 M3 Coupe

This motor is probably one of the best BMW coupes ever produced. Manufactured in 2000, it’s got a race-derived 3.2 litre size-cylinder engine and great handling. The carbon roofed CSL has increased in the past 18 months from £50,000 to £70,000.

Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise S1

Manufactured in 1996, this car is special for its handling properties of a motorbike. It is a 1.8 litre back to basic car and is categorized as working class sports car. It is with 740kg an incredibly light car and is very popular for its dynamism. There are also some special editions of this car but it is likely that the original will increase the most in value.

Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan may not handle like the 911 or Cayman, however its body roll is well controlled and there’s a lot of grip. It’s pretty nifty too, with 0-62 MPH coming up in 4.6 seconds. It’s ultimately about desirability in the car market place, and the look and features of this car definitely makes it desirable.

How To Retain Their Value

1. Keep the car in the garage

If you’re going to invest in a classic car, you may want to ensure that your current property has a garage for which you can store your car to ensure it isn’t open to the elements such as the cold, heat, bright sunshine, hail, rain and snowstorms. A garage will also protect the car from branches and debris which may fall from nearby trees.

2. Don’t smoke in the car

Everyone knows that the fumes of cigarette smoke is a bugger to remove from any fabric or upholstery. The best way to avoid this is by preventing yourself and others from smoking in the car, as even with sprays and strong cleaners, the stale stench will still make its way through the floral fumes.

Ferrari 456

Ferrari 456

3. Keep mileage low

It’s no secret that mileage on your car has a major outcome on its value. More miles equals lower value and fewer miles results in higher value. I know it seems difficult, but with most classic cars being used only a few months of the year, keeping the mileage low can be surprisingly easy if you treat the car as more of a weekend ride rather than using it as you’re main A to B vehicle.

4. Get the car waxed a few times a year

To retain the condition and look of your car you should try and get it waxed a few times a year. This will not only protect the surface, but also help to maintain the colour of your car for longer. The quality of the paint job is usually the first thing people check to notice when looking to buy a new car, so ensuring this is spotless is key.

5. Look after the upholstery

It may seem like an impossible feat to come away with an unstained car when it comes to selling, especially if you have kids, however maintaining the condition of the car’s interior is paramount if you want to fetch a decent price, and there are many eagle eyed individuals out there who will be able to spot a small stain a mile off. Make sure you give your interior a deep clean once a month to retain the condition and colour of the upholstery.

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