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Trader Digest: China’s Digital Currency

This week in Trader Digest sees China bullish about its new digital currency, UK pubs struggle with early closure restrictions and how an Amazon bribery scheme became a $100m swindle...


'One Day Everyone Will Use China's Digital Currency'
‘Chandler Guo was a pioneer in cryptocurrency, the digital currencies that can be created and used independently of national central banks and governments.’ BBC

U.K. Pubs Count Cost of an Hour as Curfew Hits Bruised Bars
‘Before this week, the Prince of Peckham pub was regaining stable footing after losing several months’ worth of sales to a national lockdown. In the low-lit south London tavern, young drinkers lounged on chesterfield sofas well past 2am, enjoying pints of ale, fried croquettes and unsocially-distanced courting.’ BLOOMBERG

How to Succeed in Private Banking—or Maybe Get in a Lot of Trouble
‘A legal fight shows the symbiotic relationship between the superwealthy and their money whisperers.’ BLOOMBERG

How an Amazon Bribery Scheme Became a $100 Million Swindle
‘It sounds like the plot of a made-for-Netflix crime drama. A Brooklyn businessman stuffs $8,000 in cash in a suitcase and calls an Uber to send it to accomplices. Hundreds of thousands of dollars crisscross the globe via MoneyGram, PayPal, and foreign bank accounts in a plot to swindle more than $100 million from the world’s most valuable internet retailer and its customers.’ BLOOMBERG

A 32-Year-Old Finance Tycoon Looms in Obscure Stock Market
‘Timur Turlov’s sleepy brokerage used to rely on just two dozen day traders for most of its volume.’ BLOOMBERG


Argentina Bonds Back in Hot Water, Swiss Immigration Vote, Scottish Independence
‘Argentina’s newly restructured dollar bonds have slumped in value less than a month after a deal was finalised to postpone debt payments, and Swiss voters have defeated a nationalist initiative to tear up their free-movement agreement with Brussels.’ FINANCIAL TIMES

How All Financial Markets Became the Same Big Trade
‘These days it seems like all financial markets are the same big trade. A gold chart looks like a Tesla chart, which looks like an Ethereum chart, which looks like a chart of a basket of cloud computing stocks. So why is this?’ BLOOMBERG


Appropriate Adult
‘The story of Gloucester housewife Janet Leach who played a key role in the uncovering of the crimes of Fred and Rosemary West.’ ITV

The Big Short
'A group of wily opportunists make a fortune off of the U.S. economic crash by sniffing out the situation in advance and betting against the banks.' NETFLIX

Film Club: The Big Short (2015)