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Trader Workout: Poolside Tabata

TraderLife’s own personal trainer, Callum Osborne, returns with another Trader Workout Challenge, this time ensuring you keep fit while on your summer holidays.

As with his first two Trader Workouts (watch them here), no equipment is needed and this can even be done when on the road travelling for work, or by the hotel pool on your jollies.

For those who've not encountered our Trader Workouts before, have a read of our intro article which outlines what we're looking to achieve with these workouts (basically to get traders and other desk-bound workers moving around for a few minutes).

The latest workout is Poolside Tabata, and all the details are below and in the video. Remember each 20-second exercise is followed by 10 seconds rest. Good luck!

Workout: Poolside Tabata


  1. High knee sprints
  2. Press-ups
  3. Front jump squat shuffle back
  4. Mountain climbers front/side
  5. Split lunge
  6. Plank jacks and tuck

As many times as possible


  • 20 seconds per exercise
  • Each followed by 10 seconds rest

Did you complete the Trader Workout Challenge? Let us know @_TraderLife_