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Trader Workout: Functional Circuit

It's our latest Trader Workout from TraderLife personal trainer Callum Osborne, and this time he aims to put the fun in functional...

This workout revolves around a gym-based circuit involving everything from hurdle burpees to farmer's walks, and is sure to work the muscles and get a sweat going. Make sure to read through the full exercise instructions below before checking out the video to see how it's done.



  • 1. Hurdle burpees to medicine ball slam
    • 1 burpee to 1 slam
    • 2 burpees to 2 slam
    • 3 burpees to 3 slam
    • ...all the way up to 6 burpees to 6 slam
  • 2. DB swing
    • 12.5kg or more
    • 10 reps each arm
  • 3. Bear curl renegade row
    • 20 reps
  • 4. Hanging knee raise
    • 20 reps
  • 5. Farmers walk burpee
    • 20kg each arm plus
    • Walk then 1 burpee
    • Walk then 2 burpee
    • Walk then 3 burpee
    • ...all the way up to walk then 6 burpees

Watch the workout below

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