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Best Office Equipment and Gadgets

Is your office in need of a bit of a revamp? Are you struggling to find your desk under piles of papers and trading charts?

Well, don't worry. We've got all the best office equipment and gadgets here, including some useful gadgets that will smarten up your office in no time...

Magic Whiteboard

The lowdown: A portable roll of whiteboard you can carry around in a handy cardboard box and unroll to create a whiteboard anywhere you need one- in seconds.

Why it's great: The big advantage of this is that you can cover your office walls in trading strategies and maths every day, and all you have to do is wipe them clean to start fresh the next day. And it'll stop you from drowning in piles of scrap paper.

How much? £30 for a starter pack (including 15 sheets of A1-size Magic Whiteboard, 4 markers and an eraser)

Where from? Order Magic Whiteboard now from

Desktop Cup Warmer

The lowdown: A cup of tea or coffee is an essential part of every morning office routine. This nifty little gadget plugs into a spare USB on your computer and sits on your desk, where it'll keep your cuppa at the perfect temperature until you're ready to drink it.

Why it's great: We've all experienced that devastating moment of reaching for that first morning cup of coffee only to find that while we've been catching up on emails or perusing the trading charts, our coffee has gone cold. This clever little piece of tech means you'll always have caffeine on standby and ready to drink- which can only be a good thing, surely?

How much? A bargainous £5.99

Where from? Get one now from

Multifunctional Desk Organiser

The lowdown: We all know that the key to productivity is an organised workspace, right? So how come by the end of our most productive days, our desks resemble a disaster area? This multifunctional desk organiser with holders for pens, your phone and post-it notes as well as a USB hub, memory card reader and cup holder will help keep your desk in order.

Why it's great: Well, you'll be able to see your desk again, for starters. And with handy pockets and holders for all your office essentials, you'll be able to find what you need immediately- giving you more time to get on with the important things (like keeping track of those charts).

How much? £19.99

Where from? Order one from

Smart TV

The lowdown: Okay, having a TV in the office might sound like a bit of a distraction - but it's not for checking football scores or watching Jeremy Kyle. Having a smart TV is a trading essential as it allows you to keep on top of news channels, social media updates and watch trading videos on Youtube, keeping your computer free for charting and trading. Our pick would be the Panasonic Viera TX-55AS640 Smart TV.

Why it's great: You can customise the home screen, so your calendar (loaded with upcoming trading events), Twitter feed and news channels can run alongside each other to keep you on top of things. And you can set up a home screen to suit everyone in the office's preferences and toggle between them (but no bickering over the remote, please!)

How much? £999.00

Where from? have a range of sizes and options to choose from

Tiny Trash Desk Tidy

The lowdown: It's a mini trash can to keep on your desk so you can bin all your bits of rubbish immediately instead of collecting them on your desk. It can also be used to hold pens and other random stationery.

Why it's great: This is one for the messy ones in the office- if you're sick of your co-workers nagging you about the state of your desk, this is a great way to hide all of your mess and make it look like you've become neat and tidy. Just remember it's only tiny, so you will have to empty it now and again.

How much? £6.45

Where from?

Nespresso Machine

The lowdown: We don't think this one needs much explanation. Every office needs a caffeine source. All the better if all you have to do is pop in a pod and press a button to get your fix- no mess, no hassle and next to no waiting, so you can get straight on with your trading day.

Why it's great: Think of it as office fuel: it'll keep you going through the most stressful of trading days - and with over 30 flavours to choose from, you can have a different cup of coffee every morning. The machines come in a range of colours to coordinate with your swanky new office, and if you're a cappuccino lover, make sure you invest in the milk-frothing container to save on mid-morning Starbucks runs.

How much? From £89.00

Where from? Take your pick at

Phantom Keystroker

The lowdown: Okay, this one probably isn't really an office essential. But it is pretty funny, so we've included it anyway. A Phantom Keystroker plugs in by USB and looks like a perfectly innocent memory stick, but it's actually a devious contraption of office-based torture: it can make random mouse movements, toggle caps lock on and off and churn out garbage text and phrases at random.

Why it's great: Because you'll get hours of entertainment laughing at your colleagues' frustration (pick the least tech-savvy for maximum annoyance before they figure out what the problem is). It might sound like a good way to get yourself in bother - but playing pranks on your co-workers is a trading rite of passage.

How much? £17.99

Where from?

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