workoutsTrader Workouts. Photo: Bruno Nascimento (Unsplash)

Introducing… Trader Workouts

Spending all day sitting at your desk and staring at charts may seem like the life at times (especially if you're in profit for the month, of course) but in truth, a trader’s sedentary working life is not good news for your health.

Which is why we’re introducing you all to Callum Osborne, TraderLife’s in-house personal trainer, to provide the encouragement you need to move out of your seat and get a sweat on.

Whether you’re a regular visitor to your local gym, or if the only ‘gym’ in your life is Jim the barman, or if (like most of us) you’re somewhere in between, Callum will be providing regular trader workouts to suit traders of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

He’ll also be on hand to recommend the best workout kit, the most motivating playlists and plenty of the healthiest nutritional tips and recipes to keep yourself in shape. For those who really want to test themselves, he’ll also be laying down some monthly challenges for you to try.

In the first few weeks, we’ll be keen to listen to your feedback and requests as we work with Callum to ensure he’s providing the workouts tailored exactly to your lifestyle in a bid to improve the work-life balance that traders so often neglect.

So stay tuned over the coming weeks for Callum’s latest workouts, beginning with the time-saving exercises you can do without needing a single bit of kit other than yourself. To see what Callum might have in store for you from next week, follow him on Instagram

Got a workout request for Callum? Let us know on Twitter @_TraderLife_