Summer SartorialBritish Summer Sartorial Survival Kit. Photo: Parker Burchfield (Unsplash)

British Summer Sartorial Survival Kit

The early British summer provides that uncertain magical time of the year where the heavy, warm winter clothing has been completely packed away but still requires our spring clothes at arm’s reach.

It means that, as with all seasons, early summer has its very own outfit guidelines and preparations. So we’ve partnered with expert men's stylists Enclothed to provide a few that should form the backbone to your summer sartorial survival kit...


Gant Rugger Raincoat

Gant Rugger

It might be summer, but a raincoat is still an essential item to bring you through this transitional period. The weather will hopefully be too warm for a thicker winter coat, but you can’t always rely on clear skies and sunshine.

A stylish raincoat will keep you dry without overheating, and is an item that can be either bright and colourful, or dark and attractive, depending on the mood you are in.

Enclothed Recommends: Gant Rugger

“Gant Rugger is the sports spin-off to Gant, so naturally that means that the products would be more of a muscle fit. It’s hard to make a raincoat stylish, so go for a tight fitting option!…You can roll this jacket up and put into your bag if the sun decides to pop out and the rain stops”


J-Shoes: Charlie brogues

J-Shoes: Charlie

A great pair of brogues does wonders for a summer outfit. If you choose carefully then your brogues can cover a multiple function, from smart workwear, to casual get-togethers and even outdoor pursuits.

Enclothed Recommends: J Shoes: Charlie

“J Shoes create the most versatile collection of brogues which are light weight, extremely comfortable and made from high quality materials. Perfect for all weathers and all social situations.”

Casual Shirts



A common problem for most guys is having a wardrobe filled with work shirts. This isn’t much of a problem, until you want to go out for a casual get together on a sunny day.

Get a selection of casual subtle coloured shirts. A light blue, a white and a light red as these are the essential starting points that cannot go wrong for any guy!

Enclothed Recommends: Sunspel, B.D.Baggies

“Sunspel shirts are cool and clean. If you want a casual shirt then this is the number one brand. B.D. Baggies are the perfect inter-medium. You can wear these shirts for a smart casual look at work tucked or untucked.”


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

It seems silly to even mention T-shirts, but you’d be surprised how many guys do not have nice fitting t-shirts. There seems to be a current culture of men only owning primark t-shirts in either grey, blue or white.

Get yourself some t-shirts that fit your body and add some detail to it - go for some stripes or some minor details!

Enclothed Recommends: Sunspel, Calvin Klein

“Don’t overdo the design this Summer. You will look cooler and more pleasing to the eye with either a plain t-shirt or subtle stripes/patterns. Especially with soft colours such as grey and pastel colours”

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