Father's DayTraderLife Guide To: Father's Day Gifts. Photo: Clem Onojeghuo

TraderLife Guide To: Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day in the UK arrives on Sunday June 17th, so to ensure you don't forget the old man (or so you can give shameless hints to your own kids), here's a handy guide on the best gifts for dads...

For Dad the handyman...

Build Your Own FM Radio

Build Your Own FM Radio

Build Your Own FM Radio
This is certainly a niche pick, but if your dad loves nothing better than to build things then pick them apart again, then the Build Your Own FM Radio (£14.99) will keep him busy for nearly a month, featuring 24 daily tasks and experiments to complete. Though maybe not the pick for any dad who has discovered DAB or podcasts...

The Man Tin
For all those pointless bits and pieces your dad just has to keep hold of (that drive your mum crazy), get your dad The Man Tin (£7.99). He can stash all his goodies and keep them safe from clear-outs. For an extra-special gift, fill it with some of his favourite things (like nuts, bolts and bits of wood).

For Dad the sports nut...

Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die
With the US Open also happening this weekend, any golf-crazy dad is likely to be in a peak pitch 'n putt frenzy. So this guide to the world’s best courses (£10.85), from Ireland to California and New Zealand is likely to strike a perfect note. (And of course if you’re really particularly generous, you could always buy him a round or two at one of the courses as well).

Ryder Cup 2018

Ryder Cup 2018

Ryder Cup 2018 tickets
If you want to really treat your dad this weekend then registering for tickets to next year's Ryder Cup competition could win you the son/daughter of the year award. Taking place in continental Europe for only the second time in its history, France's Le Golf National will be hosting a fantastic weekend in late September 2018.

Wembley Stadium Tour
If your old man prefers his sport played with a larger ball, then give him the chance to go behind the scenes at the home of English football. At 75 minutes, the tour (£20) provides a chance to see inside the England team’s changing rooms, stride down the players’ tunnel and get a photograph in front of the Royal Box with the Replica FA Cup.

For Dad the foodie...

Meal at Miller & Carter
What better excuse to treat your dad to a nice slap-up meal and enjoy a catch-up than for Father's Day. Especially as a number of restaurants will be promoting special offers and menus, including Miller & Carter, who are offering a special steak menus and gift cards for the old man.

The Spicery

Friday Night Curry Subscription

Friday Night Curry Subscription
We’ve yet to meet a dad who has too much curry in his life. Buy your dad a curry every Friday for the next three months (£22). Once a month, he’ll get a spice box in the post with all the spices measured out and ready to go. And given that each meal serves up to four people, it might be worth hinting that you'd like to pop round every week to check on his culinary progress.

For Dad the BBQ king...

Deluxe BBQ Utensil Set
Get your dad every barbequing tool he’ll ever need (and then some) with this 24-piece kit (£34.99) including cooking knives, meat knives and forks, a marinade brush, spatula, tongs, kebab skewers and much more. It all comes packed in an impressive-looking alloy case so he can take it with him on the road.

BBQ Blends Box
Add some kick to your dad's summer barbies with this blend box (£5.95) from the Spicery (the guys who brought you the curry subscription above). A mix of Middle Eastern, American and Indian ensures that all tastes are catered for (just make sure your dad doesn't keep those chicken thighs on too long).

For Dad the jet setter...

Aspinal Deluxe Travel Collection

Aspinal Deluxe Travel Collection

Aspinal Deluxe Travel Collection
If your old man loves to travel, help him jet around in style and keep all his travel documents organised with this classic travel kit (£195) from luxury English brand Aspinal of London. He'll never have to rake through his pockets trying to salvage a crumpled boarding pass again.

The World’s Lightest Fold-Flat Wheeled Cabin Bag
If your dad likes to travel light, he can’t do better than the world’s lightest cabin bag (£24.99). It weighs in at just 1.45kg, leaving the rest of his weight allowance for his travel essentials. It has a 44-litre capacity but is still within the cabin bag allowance for most airlines. And it folds flat for easy storage when he’s home.

For Dad the drinker...

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter

Beer Brewing Kit
If your dad likes a beer then why not encourage him to make his own brand, with this ‘Craft A Brew’ Beer Making Kit from The Fowndry (£49.99). There's a choice of three beers to suit all palettes; White House Honey Ale, American Pale Ale or Intergalactic Pale Ale.

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter
If your dad likes his whisky AND happens to be a Star Wars fan (as niche as it sounds, it's probably a fairly common combo), then there can be only one present for him this Sunday: the Stormtrooper Decanter (£21.99). It holds 750ml of liquor and is made from high quality Super Flint glass, and best of all, it's only a little over twenty quid.

For Dad the petrolhead...

F4 Driving Experience at Brands Hatch
If your dad watches the F1 thinking that he could do a better job, then why not get him to prove it with a unique driving experience at Brands Hatch (£229). The 30 minutes session starts with a 15 minute circuit in the powerful BMW M4, before getting behind the wheel of a 165mph F4 single seater for an exhilarating drive around the popular Brands Hatch racetrack.

F1 Simulator
In a similar vein to the above - but a whole lot cheaper (from £22) and with the chance of racing against your old man - take him down to the F1 Simulator in Horley, where just last month we took a trip to road test for a TraderLife review, which you can read below:

Review: Lets Race F1 Simulator

AutoGlym The Collection
If your dad's lucky enough to have his dream car at his disposal, help him keep his pride and joy sparkling with this set from AutoGlym (£65) including everything he needs to get perfect bodywork, wheels and interiors. Just steer clear of visiting on a Sunday morning for a while, or you'll get roped in to help.

For Dad the trader (*these are definitely not gift suggestions for yourself)...

Initialed Bull and Bear Whisky Glasses

Initialed Bull and Bear Whisky Glasses

Initialed Bull and Bear Whisky Glasses
Nothing says "look at me, I'm a trader" like a set of whisky glasses that have your initials etched inside a bull and a bear, courtesy of Etsy (£35). Of course, given that there are two glasses, this suggests that you'll be able to share your whisky with fellow traders. But we prefer to think of it as both being for only one trader to rotate which glass they drink from based on the current market conditions...

Friday Socks
OK, so getting socks for Dad is up there with the most overused of cliches. But if it's going to happen, at least make it on trend, which on Wall Street means "Friday socks", the movement that sees traders rocking the most colourful and attention-grabbing pair of socks in the office on the best day of the working week. Canadian company Friday Socks Co have jumped onboard, producing deliberately mismatched funky pairs, and all ethically sourced too. Oh, and they offer subscription packages (3months for $48). We've heard it all now.

Trader Tat

Trader Tat

Trader Tat
Let's be honest, the percentage of Father's Day gifts bought at the last minute tend to be high, meaning they don't always come with much thought attached. At least this time, if you're planning on getting a cheap mug, tshirt or bit of stationary, ensure there's some suitably cheesy trader joke on there. That way at least you'll at least get a laugh out of it before it's never used again. Whether it's a mug saying "stop losses are for wimps", a tshirt saying "Fibonacci was right" or a "day trader" license plate holder, you'll find a load of this stuff at cafepress.com.

A Good Trading Book
Hey, if all else fails, it never hurts to buy your old man a book. If he loves his trading as much as you do, then you could do worse than scroll through the list of books every trader should have read, and pick out any he may have missed...

8 Trading Books Every Trader Should Have Read

Inspired by the above? Let us know what you'll be getting your old man @_TraderLife_